Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekly Fear-Mongoring: The Sky Is Falling vs. Everything Is Just Fine

This week's doom and gloom focuses on real world events playing out before our very eyes, and the wildly different interpretation between the Lamestream Media and Alternative Media. In case you didn't know, the majority of media is biased. ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, NPR etc all tilt left. Fox News and a good portion of talk radio tilts right. I love when someone makes a smug remark about 'Faux News' and how they are so in the tank for the GOP. Look you buck-toothed troll, Fox wouldn't exist if the media did it's job right the first time and covered news down the middle. People on both sides have their blinders on, and their own respective party is never wrong. Alternative media says 'you both suck, you're both ruining our country, I hate your guts, burn in hell.' It's traditionally defined as a non-public owned, non-government supported media that cuts through the BS of the left/right paradigm and exposes government as the charlatans that they are. Alex Jones, Christopher Greene, Gerald Celente, Glenn Beck and countless others have found popularity by shunning the mainstream media in favor of a more raw view of the world.

Since I officially became a Libertarian on January 1st, 2013, I've pretty much shunned cable news. Fox at least pretends to be fair and balanced, having a good deal more liberals on their programs than any of the other networks having conservatives. I became so disgusted after the election, when talking head after talking head not only said Romney was going to win, but he was going to win big. Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Barone, Hugh Hewitt completely misread the electorate ("people who got used to handouts, hatred of those that produce, minorities in denial about how worse they actually were since 2008, and mush-brained pinheads who fell for the made up 'war on women'." Have you seen Obama's cabinet by the way? Let's just say restocking the tampon machine in the ladies room won't be necessary for his second term). Anyway, missing the boat by that much gets you put on time out. So no more Fox, no more cable news. All alternative media, all the time. So what follows is a bunch of hot headlines and how each venue interprets it. I leave you the reader (all four of you) to decide what is the truth.

Headline #1 - 'The Economy is Improving'
Lamestream media - "We are so much better than those stupid Bush years. The housing market has slowly turned around, the unemployment rate is 7.8% but it's down from over 10% so THERE! We need more than one term to turn things around, and it's working. GM is doing great, the Dow Jones just hit 14,000, and all of the $3 trillion of funny money pumped into the economy since 2008 has worked really well. Did I mention the Dow was at 14,000? These trillion dollar deficits are really instilling confidence on Main Street USA. GDP has been rip-roaring at an average 2% pace each of the past few years (below the 3% average required to keep the economy above water). How about that Dow hitting 14,000?"

Alternative media - "This sucks. Unemployment numbers are molested each month and we don't even count the losers leaving the job market because their resumes are too shitty. Reagan at least had solid GDP growth in his 'recovery' and the unemployment rate went down by 3.6% during his first term. QE1-infinity didn't work. All it did was allow the Fed to shoot capital into the stock markets, and loan to those jowly crooks at the big banks. So this market rally is based on a shaky foundation. It's pretend. Neither dickhead party wants to fix the debt problem, they kick the can down the road and eventually the GOP caves and raises the ceiling in exchange for imaginary tax cuts that never occur. China wants nothing to do with us (as discussed last week). Sovereign gold wealth is being repatriated from the NY Fed and sent back home. Almost 50 million on food stamps. Currency wars have now begun, with a race to the bottom between us, Japan, the Euro, and China. Our dollar has Stage 4 cancer. Don't tell me the f'ing economy is doing well, and stop talking about the stupid Dow hitting 14,000. Also, the system is gonna collapse very very very soon when the derivatives scandal breaks in a couple months."

Verdict - I side with alternative media. The system won't collapse on their timeline, but it will collapse. Just not tomorrow. The globalists can keep this game of make-believe playing as long as they want. The economy isn't getting better though. It should have by now if we didn't keep spending our way out of a hole full of fecal matter. We're replaying the 1930's all over again, and when we look back, this will be viewed as a full-fledged Depression.

Headline #2 - 'The Gun Debate'
Lamestream media - "I promise you, we will not take your guns. Ever. Trust me. You just have no business owning a xxx, xxxxxx, xxxx, xxxx, xxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx [enter gun names here]. We just want you to register everything in a central database. And maybe if you are getting prescribed medicine, we ummmm......may have your doctor mandated to ask you if you own a gun but trust me it's not like they're gonna do anything with that information. Stop comparing the administration to the gestapo. We are soooo not like that. Oh, and we're gonna regulate bullets too. So technically, we will be embracing the Chris Rock policy of regulating bullets and not guns. Everything's gonna be just fine. Why are all you stupid veterans/preppers/2nd amendment psychos getting your pantyhose in a knot?"

Alternative media - "They're gonna take your guns. Don't let them take your guns. Don't tread on me. The answer to 1984 is 1776. Globalists want to enslave you before they take you over. Just look at what Russia, China, and Germany did last century, and how did that turn out? Police are currently training over the next 30-45 days on gun confiscation, and we will be in the early stages of martial law by springtime if people resist. Obama is the Biblical Antichrist (ok I added that part). These same government assholes who funneled guns over the Mexican border in Operation Fast and Furious (the same guns that are proposed to be banned), engage in insider trading, and are exempt from these gun laws want to enslaaaaave you."

Verdict - Somewhere in the middle. Each time Alex Jones goes on a rant about gun rights being stripped away, he forgets that the likelihood of Congress going along with it is nil. To be fair, Obama has signed more Executive Orders than any other President, so I'm slightly concerned as to what he'll do in the second term. Oh, and expect more 'shooting massacres' except this time they will be conveniently done guessed it - veterans, preppers, conspiracy nuts, 2nd amendment nuts, and anyone with post-traumatic stress disorder. Chris Kyle, the most distinguished sniper in military history was gunned down Saturday at a local shooting range by a deranged vet with PTSD. Adam Lanza's mother was a prepper. Keith Ratliff of the popular FPS Russia gun enthusiast vlog was shot gang-style (I said 'gang-style', not 'gangnam style') in early January. Renowned rifle manufacturer John Noveske was killed in a car crash in January as well.  Rumors abound that these three were members of a 'red list' that the NDAA (signed by Obama on new year's 2012 to effectively assassinate US citizens on US soil) keeps a database of. This on the heels of the mysterious death of Andrew Breitbart the day before he was going to release an incriminating video of Obama last March. All of it is fishy, not saying I believe it, but keep an eye out for random shootings implicating certain types of people ('angry constitutionalists'), as well as prominent gun rights folks getting killed. If anything happens to Ted Nugent, the fix is in.

Headline #3 - 'Syria Intervention' 
Lamestream media - "The Bashar Al-Assad regime's days are numbered. We are on the side of the rebels but we are sitting on the fence. We will not aide in this conflict. That would be like....Iraq and Afghanistan all over again. We don't engage in nation-building. Let those crazy arabs fight it out. Trust us, we aren't aiding at all. At all. Not even sending weapons there, nope. We'd only go commit troops if there were Weapons of Mass Destruction used. Which we know they have. But Iraq definitely didn't. We're sure of it.

Alternative media - "You dumb bastards gave guns to Al Qaeda in Libya and are now giving guns to Al Qaeda in Syria. Syrian 'rebels' are beheading government workers, throwing postal workers off buildings, and burning American flags. You thought Bush was bad? Our taxpayer money is going into the hands of known terrorists who hate our country so that they can overthrow Al-Assad and install the beacon of democratic hope, The Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt is now actively trying to overthrow THEM now. Even the XFL lasted longer than the Egyptian democracy experiment). Benghazi was such a scandal because Ambassador Stevens was getting cold feet sending these weapons to terrorists. This administration looooves sending guns that they don't want you to own to foreign terrorists and drug cartels. BTW, Benghazi wasn't an Embassy or even a Consulate. It was a rented out villa and the hideout was compromised. That's why he didn't have security. To secure would have raised questions - "Ummm....what the fuck are you doing in Benghazi? That's hundreds of miles from the Tripoli Embassy you are supposed to live at." But don't expect p*ssy Republicans to call them out on that. That would involve having testicles. And the last thing - a communication was intercepted last week from a British defense contractor stating that the US has approved the 'release' of a Qatari CW (chemical weapon) in Syria as a pretext for war. So yes, we will be involved in the staging of a false flag attack that purposely implicates Al-Assad even if he has nothing to do with it. Your government in action (we'll save that 'other' staged event for another day).

Verdict - Chemical weapons will be used and blamed on Al-Assad, leading to a full ground invasion by Israel and the US. That's a virtual guarantee. Probably used in Damascus. The part that gives me a bulge in my pants is that in the Bible, the prophet Isiaiah in 17:1-3 states ‘Look, Damascus will disappear! It will become a heap of ruins. The cities of Aroer will be deserted. Sheep will graze in the streets and lie down unafraid. There will be no one to chase them away. The fortified cities of Israel will also be destroyed, and the power of Damascus will end.' To those who know me well, I get off on Bible Prophecy. The cards are falling into place as Russia/Iran/Syria close in on Israel and America (not mentioned in the Bible, obvi) sits on its fat ass collecting welfare. If Damascus gets nuked or a chemical weapon goes off killing hundreds of thousands, I shudder to think what else will happen (actually I don't cause I read in the Bible what is to happen). I'll save the rest of the Bible Prophecy for future posts, but the prophecies of Revelation, Isiaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel are starting to come into full view. No I don't want people dying, but if I'm powerless to stop it, I might as well get some popcorn and keep my head in the game for our redemption draweth nigh.

Check out this clip from General Wesley Clark. In it he speaks of an experience where he bumped into a DOD official in 2002 and was informed of a large-scale plan to invade/overthrow 7 Middle Eastern countries in a five-year span. Last two on the list - Syria and Iran:

 Can't touch Iran until Syria falls. Shit's about to get real in the Middle East. Israel is testing its capabilities with targeted strikes on Syrian weapons facilities already. Lebanon is the home of Hizbullah, which was just given the majority of chemical weapons from Assad. Iran and Russia continue to kick weaponry to the Syrian government. 2013 is gonna be a wild year!

Those are just a smidgeon of headlines. Don't trust what mainstream media tells you. And remember, as Jesse Ventura once said, politics is like pro wrestling - in public they pretend to hate each other, but behind closed doors everybody is on the same side.

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