Sunday, May 19, 2013

What's the Best Way To Survive Multiple Watergates? Start a War.

So needless to say, it's been a wild week for the Obama administration. Should we expect anything less from a guy whose personal intimidation political tactics actually have their own wiki page? (see 'Chicago Style Politics' - the art of demonizing opponents with untrue personal attacks). Karma just bit this guy in the ass. Scandal after scandal has befallen The Anointed One and we're only four months into the second term. I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Even the media, who've had their lips around his phallus since Inauguration 2009, are starting to turn on him. Some notable quotes from Lockstep Liberals:

Piers Morgan, virulent anti-gun CNN mouthpiece - “I’ve had some of the pro-gun lobbyists on here, saying to me, ‘Well, the reason we need to be armed is because of tyranny from our own government,’ and I’ve always laughed at them,' I said, ‘Don’t be ridiculous! Your government won’t turn itself on you. …But, actually, this is vaguely tyrannical behavior by the American government.”

Chris Matthews, MSNBC host who infamously got a tingle up his leg when Obama got elected (I guess his erection is now flaccid?) - "What part of the presidency does Obama like? He doesn't like dealing with other politicians — that means his own cabinet, that means members of the Congress, either party. He doesn't particularly like the press. What part does he like?. He likes going on the road, campaigning, visiting businesses like he does every couple days somewhere in Ohio or somewhere. [But] what part does he like? He doesn't like lobbying for the bills he cares about. ... He doesn't seem to like being an executive.”

Jon Stewart - Daily Show host and staunch Obama supporter. Having 12 writers and 'yelling' occasionally to drive a point home isn't typically funny or brilliant in my book, but....well....this clip says it all:

In case you have had your head in the sand or are too distracted by the revolving door of American Idol judges, here's a quick rundown of the existing scandals 'on the table' against Barack Hussein Obama:

1) Solyndra - green company that manufactures photovoltaic solar panels, touted as the future of green energy. Got $535m of the 2009 Stimulus Package, despite not having a viable business plan. Filed for bankruptcy in 2011. Posterchild for government picking green 'winners and losers' and other pointless stimulus spending. Less of a 'scandal' so much as 'your green energy plan is doomed to fail but let's throw money at it to make it look like we are environmentally friendly.'

2) Fast and Furious - Launched in 2009 by Department of Justice in collaboration with the DEA, ATF, and FBI. Expanded program from the Bush years (to be fair) as a means of identifying and eliminating arms trafficking networks (these guns would be clandestinely tracked to Mexican drug cartels). Also known as 'Gun-Walking'. We basically give guns to 'straw purchasers' and they provide them to drug cartels so we can see where they are going. Not to mention how fruitless the purposely continued 'War on Drugs' has gone. Of course, when the Obama administration gets involved, people die and the process doesn't work properly. Up to 1700 weapons have been lost in this useless exercise, and 100 have turned up at crime scenes, including the death of a border patrol agent. That's where the 'scandal' part comes from. In typical administration fashion, both Holder and Obama deny knowing ANYTHING about it, actual timelines of known communications be damned. Side note - these are some of the same guns these clowns want banned in the US. Keep that in mind.

3) Benghazi - liberals hate when conservatives bring up Benghazi. They try to get cute and point to all of the Embassy bombings of the Bush years, throw their hands up and say, 'Well how come nobody made a big deal out of those?' Cause they fall under the 'shit happens' category, and no one tried to deny the nature of the terrorist attack. Obama and his cronies did. Remember, Obama personally killed Bin Laden, right? So the war on terror was obviously won and Al Qaeda was scattered to the wolves and running in fear, right? In the middle of a reelection campaign, the last thing this guy needs is a terrorist attack to contradict the narrative that we were winning the battle against terrorism. So they lied about the nature of the attack. They blamed it on a youtube movie that was available online since June 2012. The #2 government agent in Libya (and whistleblower) Gregory Hicks has said the video was a complete NON-ISSUE in Libya. It was known and nobody gave a shit. So we can go back and forth, say who knew what when (answer - as it was unfolding, the administration gave the stand-down order). But I'm more concerned about WHY Ambassador Stevens was there. Benghazi was a compound on loan to the US from an affluent family in Libya. It was not even technically a 'consulate' so much as a 'CIA house-sitting' operation to funnel weapons from the Libyan rebels to the Syrian uprising. The same guns that this administration wants to ban were being filtered through the Benghazi compound and Ambassador Christopher Stevens was overseeing it. And guess who doesn't like the Syrian government and has embedded themselves among the ranks of the Syrian rebels? AL QAEDA elements!!!!! News got out that he got cold feet and the rest was history. Cute trendy liberals - that type of storyline was not present in any of the Embassy attacks during the Bush years. That's why the government is covering this up. Betcha didn't know that! Hell, I would cover it up, too. PS - Obama had time to call an NBA player coming out of the closet, but not some Marines/Navy Seals to save an ambassador. And a gay ambassador at that - hows that for liking gay people?

4) IRS Targeting Conservative Groups - this has been the hottest issue of the week, since it shows the depravity of the administration to silence opposition. First and foremost, to be even-handed (chuckle), the Bush administration targeted NAACP, Greenpeace, and a handful of liberal groups back in 2004 with a less comprehensive IRS strong-arming. It was so horrible that the liberal media didn't even pick up on it. Fast-forward to 2013 - we are now finding out that for the past year the DOJ and the administration knew all about the IRS targeting of conservative/Tea Party groups. They've now blamed over 500 targets as the work of two rogue low-level analysts in Cincinnati, OH. I'd LOVE to work with fresh college graduates that are that productive, and in government, no less! Pastor James Dobson, Franklin Graham, Fox News host Eric Boller, Glen Beck, Mitt Romney supporters like billionaire Sheldon Adelson, various Tea Party groups, and countless others. In fact, the IRS' biggest union ('National Treasury Employees Union') has historically donated to Democrats over Republicans (strangely enough, this graph applies to the existing ratio of liberal to conservative journalists in the media as well):

The IRS would try to add additional layers of scrutiny to formerly simple applications, such as holding up tax-exempt status, asking for donor lists, ask what people were praying about, and basically harassing groups that had obnoxious ideals like 'adhering to the constitution', 'limiting government debt', 'believing in God/Jesus Christ's divinity' and 'making America a better place to live'. Liberals hate the Constitution and 'limiting government debt' as much as they hate Jesus and non-aborted babies, so naturally groups who advocate these positions must be scrutinized intensely. Expect this scandal to grow in the coming days. The latest scandal emerging is the confiscation of 60 million  medical records for 10 million Americans. And one more thing - the woman that was in charge during the Tea Party targeting is going to be heading up the IRS division in charge of guessed it......OBAMACARE!!!!! Whatever, this country voted for it. I want us to stew in our own fecal matter.

5) AP Phone Scandal - Two months of Associated Press phone records have been snatched by the DOJ/White House. Word has it that It is believed that the DOJ seized the records to investigate sources of a news story for when the U.S. foiled an attempt to put a bomb on a plane on the anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death last year.There was back and forth between the AP and the CIA to ensure talking points were adequately communicated and that stories were straight. Apparently someone in the administration wasn't comfortable with the narrative, and the records needed to get seized under the radar. The reporters weren't aware that this was being done. I'm shocked. This was such a big deal, Attorney General Eric Holder said the following - “I’ve been a prosecutor since 1976, and I have to say that this is among, if not the most serious – it’s in the top two or three – most serious leaks that I’ve ever seen. It put the American people at risk. And that is not hyperbole.” In fact it was SOOO super duper important that.....Barack Obama found out about the above the same time as the rest of us stiffs. Just like every other issue. But those that question the government are conspiracy theorists, right? Cause government always tells the truth, right?

So in light of reading all that, just understand this - amazingly, miraculously, remarkably - Barack Obama will not be impeached. Guaranteed. No way in hell the first sitting black president will get thrown out. And quite frankly, I don't care at this point. I actually don't mind Joe Biden, but my lack of desire to see Obama impeached centers around my ongoing desire to see the country go down in flames as soon as possible, since that's the only way this once great nation reclaims the mantle of supremacy. We need an economic implosion, dollar collapse, complete nosedive so we can fix our debt problems, reform entitlements, reform defense, reform the tax code, reform our horrible two-party government to stop screwing up and hurting MY children's future. I get it - he's a black guy that talks pretty and thinks big. You felt guilty about NOT voting for him. You fell for the whole imaginary war on women routine, we actually talked about birth control and rape in national debates, and anyone with money was labeled a tax-avoiding evil rich person. But it was so awesome the last four years, so why not recreate the magic? Thanks, assholes.

Look, Hillary Clinton is winning in 2016, that is if Obama isn't our dictator and our Constitution has been suspended due to the collapse of our society (resulting in cancellation of elections - it can happen, folks, albeit doubtful). Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie are all great, but they're not winning in 2016. I hate saying it, but its the reality. Too many government-dependent zombies lumbering around to overcome. Too many Republicans morphing into talking human vaginas on the stage and playing Mr. Nice Guy and refusing to hit their opponent with facts about their record in a forceful way. So how does Obama survive the next three and a half years if he has all this scandal right now? Real simple - all he has to do is start a war. And lucky for him, the ball is already in the Red Zone.

There will be resolution to the Syria and Iran hostilities between now and the end of Obama's presidency. He will be forced to make decisions about how tactical the military strikes will be, how much of our armed forces to send over, how many Al Qaeda 'rebels' to give machine guns to (just kidding - he's already made that decision), and what to do in the aftermath. As I've mentioned in previous posts, Syria needs to fall before we hit Iran. The rhetoric with Israel already reached a fever pitch, to the point where Israel is already attacking in and around Damascus. There's also the three isolated reports of chemical weapons being used by Assad's army (or is it the rebels? Nobody knows anymore!). These were 'gamechangers' to the Obama administration and he's promised to act when all of the information is available. Of course, he's no man of his word and the 'red lines' keep changing once they are crossed. Now Russia is getting re-involved in the region, supplying key weaponry to Assad, to the annoyance of Israel. President Putin met with Israel PM Benyamin Netanyahu to basically say (in Russian, vodka probably on his breath) - "Stay the hell out of Syria, or we're going to have a big problem." Netanyahu's probably thinking, "Cool story, bro, but we're going to do what we need to do to, you know, NOT GET WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH by the 12/13 angry muslim nations surrounding it. Syria's and Iran's proxy (Hezbullah) has been waiting for the next go-ahead to start striking of the Israeli border. Now Syria has threatened to hit Tel Aviv if they get hit by another Israeli missile. Two years into the conflict and 80,000+ civilians dead, we are starting to see things ramp up. Perfect time for the United States to get involved since our ass is basically numb from sitting on the bench for so long (I got the same feeling when I played freshman baseball).

Arming the rebels can only get us so far. I'm all about not sending our troops in, but Obama is starting to realize what happens when you are the world's police force. The US gets sucked into EVERYTHING. Bush gets bashed for being too pre-emptive, and Obama gets heat for doing the opposite. These guys can't win. Cue crocodile tears. But Bush and Obama don't serve the American people, they serve the bankers and global elites who put them in office. Obama's job is to install the Muslim Brotherhood in as many Middle Eastern governments as possible. It worked in Egypt, will work in Libya, will work in Syria, and will work in any other country outside of Iran. The Islamic Caliphate will be reborn and terrorism will magically disappear from the earth. But his most IMPORTANT job is to preserve the petrodollar.

Now I was never one of those 'war for oil' folks because to my knowledge, we, uhhh, never benefited from Iraqi oil, nor did that great Afghani pipeline that Michael Moore rambles about in Fahrenheit 9/11 come to fruition. HOWEVER, the currency of oil trade NEEDS to be the US dollar. The second that stops happening, it's curtains for our once great nation. Saudi Arabia and its dying king are the only ones holding that contract together. Iraq wanted to decouple from the petrodollar ('settling of oil trade in US-denominated terms') in the 90's and '00's and was stopped. Libya wanted to decouple from the dollar a few years back and BOOM they're suddenly on our radar (we know what happened after that). Iran has become the first crack in that agreement as they are now settling in gold and other currencies in lieu of the US dollar. So they're on our shit list. This past week, we have upped our sanctions to include, effective July 1st, the banishment of any other country engaging in any gold trade with Iran's government or civilians. This stops the non-petrodollar scheme dead in its tracks under the guises of 'putting pressure on their nuclear weapons program'. So Turkey and UAE have been put on notice. Russia and China wait in the background, rolling their eyes and dying to help out Iran move on from the petrodollar. Afterall, they are avoiding USD like the plague as well, as they hope to launch their own BRICSA (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) banking system and currency as a replacement when the US dollar dies in the next few years. Call it conspiracy, but follow the news you Doubting Thomases and it will all make sense.

So here's the dilly - Obama needs to step up his action in Syria to bring down the Assad government. He's already given money and weaponry (again, those pesky guns that Obama wants banned in the US through Ambassador/Chief Gun-Runner Christopher Stevens) to Syrian rebels/Al Qaeda, who throw innocent mail service employees off the tops of buildings, chemical-tip weaponry to use against the government, execute random citizens firing-squad style, rip the hearts out of dead Syrian Army members and bite them (all of these are on youtube by the way), and other grotesque things. To be consistent, we did the same thing in the late 70's/early 80's during the Iran/Iraq war, and the Russia/Afghanistan squabbles. Lots of losers over there, you simply pick the lesser of both evils AT THE TIME. I think Obama will ratchet up his rebel support and then agree to send NATO troops in to quell the civil unrest that materializes. But Israel will do most of the dirty work. Little twist coming up here - I've mentioned my interest in Bible Prophecy for the past sixteen years, and we are on the precipice major events unfolding.

First and foremost, the lynchpin from Isiaiah 17:1- “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city,
And it will be a ruinous heap." The latest attack from Israel last week was rumored to be a low grade tactical nuke/bunker buster. They have the weaponry, they have the desire, and they will ultimately press the button to nuke Damascus to make it uninhabitable for years to come if Syria touches Tel Aviv (which was just threatened this week). We also have Jeremiah 49:24-27 - "Damascus has grown feeble; She turns to flee, And fear has seized her. Anguish and sorrows have taken her like a woman in labor. Why is the city of praise not deserted, the city of My joy? Therefore her young men shall fall in her streets, And all the men of war shall be cut off in that day,” says the Lord of hosts. “I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, And it shall consume the palaces of Ben-Hadad.” So Damascus appears to also be on the shit list.

All of the nations of the war mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39 are involved in the Syria conflict as we speak. Turkey will have a prominent role as they amass troops from Ethiopia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, and the Sudan on the Syrian border. Turkey ('Magog, Meshech, and Tubal') is in fact commanding the Free Syria Army (the main opposition to Assad) and embracing its role as a resurgent country leading a major potential war. The last piece to fall on the chessboard is Iran ('Persia'). Russia ('Rosh') is even mentioned as a country who will have a 'hook placed in its jaws' and drawn to the Israel/Syria region. All of the events are unfolding at a rapid place, and there exists one big holding pattern until some large flare-up occurs. That's where we are right now, and one decision from Barack Obama can get all of his opposition off his back and distract the easily tricked American public with a Middle East war. I like to call it 'World War 3' but that's just me. Don't feel bad for the man - he wanted this job. He railed against GOP warmongers now its his chance to show us how peace-loving he can be in the face of potential catastrophe as Syrian chemical weapons get deployed and the big cahuna Iran develops nukes. These are interesting times we live in. To quote the great words of Terrell Owens - 'Git yo popcorn ready'.

As always, feel free to disagree. Just don't sound like an 8th grader who just emerged from an enriching History class. Those people tend to get schooled. Until next time, my precious three readers.....

Monday, May 13, 2013

Some Uncomfortable Developments in the Boston Marathon Bombing

It's been about a month since the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the official story has changed about as many times as the Benghazi talking points (so like 12x). Now that rational thinking has returned, I think its high time we reviewed some of the stranger parts ('inconsistencies') that got intentionally downplayed by the media. This may make some people uncomfortable, but that's my M.O. in life - making others feel uncomfortable. Plus, if this info offends you then you've got bigger problems than I do.

Those that know me are going to say, "Oh shit, there he goes - he's gonna call Boston a False Flag, staged event by our government, just like 9/11 and every event on earth. He's taking a dump on those three fatalities and the 200 maimed victims." I'm not going to do that, because the facts are still flying in and I like watching the government squirm as they change their story. But before you read any further, remember the cache of legislation and actions that we were able to launch within two years of 9/11:

1) War with Iraq
2) War with Afghanistan
3) Patriot Act/Money laundering legislation
4) Creation of Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
5) Creation of Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
6) Legislation on wiretapping
7) $5 trillion to date in spending related to 9/11 and the military industrial complex

Regardless of whether or not the government knows of event ahead of time or not, they ALWAYS exploit it to advance their agenda. As former Chief of Staff for the Obama administration Rahm Emmanuel once exclaimed, "Never let a crisis go to waste." Now, I'm not a member of the Truther crowd (yet), as I think Muslim extremists truly hate us because of our Israel policy, and hate the US because of our 'sinful ways' (success, hard work, innovation. not throwing rocks at Jews). I fell into the emotion of 2001, having emotional outbursts the day of the event against Muslims. I voted for Bush twice, defended every move in Iraq and Afghanistan, and thought the GOP could do no wrong with their foreign policy and that to disagree with them made you anti-American. I now realize that both parties are puppets for the globalists, and that I was a useful idiot (blame it on college I guess?). I also know that the government has declassified documents from 1962 that were proposed as legislation to the Kennedy administration under the name 'Operation Northwoods'. This called for a series of 'false flag' attacks planted by the CIA in and around Cuba, so that we could frame them as a means of invading the island nation. Any government that could propose this is somewhat diabolical in my book. Think what you will.

Here's a PDF snapshot of the document (as proof it existed, juicy content above on the wiki link):

Other numerous events are rumored to have been staged in recent history, including Hitler's Reichstag Fire, which basically forced Germany to surrender its civil liberties and suspend its constitution. The rest was history. We also had Pearl Harbor, in which the US had already intercepted codes months in advance and knew the exact timing of the attack, but needed it to happen as a means of entering WWII. Killing 6 million Jews wasn't enough for a President to enter a war, but you touch Hawaii - we're gonna get you, sucka!!!!! Other examples listed in this nice summary:

So keeping that all in mind, I will now delve into some of the suspicious details that have come to light. Doesn't mean I think the CIA's fingerprints are all over this, but separate your emotions from the reports for a few minutes and open your porous brain.

1) The FBI knew about these assholes for 2-5 years
Does that information concern any of you? They were on an FBI Watchlist but were never caught for doing anything 'untoward' or suspicious. Well how did they get on that list in the first place? It's now becoming well known that Tamerlan visited Dagestan for six months in 2011, and was taken by the Radical Islamist 'ways' that had taken root over there. His mother has now said that the FBI has been in touch with their family for five years, tracking internet sites and monitoring interactions. But wait, it gets better - apparently he re-entered the country because of a clerical error. His name was misspelled on the documentation and he slipped through the cracks. This is the same FBI that needs annual budget increases to fight terror but can't get its own story straight. They badly need you to help them identify who these terrorists are......even though they are on their own Watchlist! Russia tried to warn us multiple times about these cats, but it fell on deaf ears. If a country knee-deep in KGB crookedness tells you to worry about somebody, you listen. Nope. We're good. Bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run. My ass.

Additionally, the 'pressure cooker' bombs that were used are eerily similar to the makeup of some of the Afghanistan-based terror 'weapons of choice'. These guys are OBVIOUSLY part of a wider group that is being protected. For us to buy the line 'Oh no, we definitely worked alone....we just think the US has too many sinners, yeah that's the ticket'. Not only were they on the FBI radar, but they also received about $100k in benefits from our welfare system. The FBI watched Tamerlan become more and more radicalized over the years, somehow overlooked him getting tossed from his own mosque for being too out there, was cool with him never working despite being on a visa (while his wife slaved for 80 hours a week) and dressing in really expensive Italian designer clothes. Nope, nothing to see here, folks. Business as usual - hey, go out and help us solve this murder mystery we have nooooo clue who these suspects could beeeeee! BTW - give us more money in our budget, these sequester cuts will only make our jobs harder. How else can we ignore sleeper cell militants in favor of Tea Party law-abiding citizens to investigate?  

2) Why is there always a drill/exercise within a very short distance of an 'attack'?
From Oklahoma City to the Twin Towers in 1993 to the Twin Towers on 9/11 and the Pentagon on 9/11 to the London Bombings to the Madrid Bombings to the Aurora Shootings to the Sandy Hook Shootings to the Boston Bombings to the Waco Fertilizer Explosion and more than 60 other examples....the common denominator is that there are always military and local law enforcement 'preparedness' drills being run in the SAME area at the SAME time testing the SAME event that actually occurs. One or two could be explained away as a coinkeedink, but over sixty in the past twenty years is unacceptable. Let alone the 'government patsies' like the Underwear Bomber, who was seen by MULTIPLE witnesses being escorted onto the plane departing Amsterdam by agents while he was in a drugged-up state. Or James Holmes' apartment being found with $20,000 of military-grade equipment that only high level personnel have access to (he was also a participant in the secret MKUltra government program. Look it up some time.

The premise is simple - have the drill go 'live' during an preparedness exercise, so that everybody is already focused on the mission - help the survivies and finger the culprit (whether or not they actually did it). A select few know what's coming, but most of the participants in the drill have no clue what's happening behind the scenes - they're just doing their job. The perpetrator is usually a CIA asset (James Holmes, the Tsarnaev brothers, Underwear Bomber, the 19 Saudi hij-....ok you get my point). Where do you think the Tsarnaev's got their money? The expensive lifestyle that they were rumored to have obtained in their ten years in the US? Nonstop welfare benefits despite being on an FBI 'watch' list? Either through terrorist connections or they were double agents of some sort. Like Bin Laden in the early 1980's. They're all hired guns to advance a narrative or influence public opinion to curtail civil liberties or restrict gun ownership. So what was going on the same day as the Boston Marathon? Ding ding ding - a couple preparedness drills!!!

Now, I'd normally expect beefed-up security at post-9/11 events, but numerous reports show a higher than normal presence of bomb-sniffing dogs and rooftop personnel around the finish line. Mass-casualty tablet devices were rolled out for the first time at an event of this magnitude to upload patient information in advance of an emergency hospital visit. A well-known account by University of Mobile cross country coach Ali Stevenson talked of repeated announcements of tests and 'not to be alarmed'. There is a 12:53 tweet from the Boston Globe (which could be referring to Kennedy Library, to be fair) stating that a bomb would be detonated as part of a planned event. Mind you, the real bombs went off at 2:49 pm, so at the very least more questions should be asked - if it's debunked, so be it, drills were still in effect that day. But the main premise holds - throw off public with hundreds of 'drills to test preparedness for event x' and strategically go live with 'event x' while the personnel are there. Below is a synopsis of the various planned drills over the years - and magically an event happening of the same nature of what was being planned:

Again, some of these could be coincidences and could very well have a good explanation. But don't tell me there's nothing fishy about a London drill testing a subway bombing and then VOILA a subway bombing occurs in London at the same time. Or an exercise in which a plane crashes into a building in NYC and then that same morning, A PLANE CRASHES INTO A BUILDING IN NYC. Or an exercise about how to react when a shooter invades a movie theater run closeby to Aurora THE SAME DAY AS THE SHOOTING:

Cut the shit at this point. And don't just take my word for it - get off your ass, research these, and come back with a legitimate rebuttal other than 'Yeah those Infowars guys are crazy, you stupid conspiracy people'. Choose what you want to believe - the government that changed its Benghazi talking points twelve times when the world knew it was terrorism, the government that told its spokeman to DENY the existence of a domestic drone program? The government that has no gold left in Fort Knox and dwindling amounts in the NY Fed that needs 8 years to return Germany's gold? The government that leased out all of China's gold in the 1990's and, when challenged, said 'Oh we have your gold, here it is', only to be exposed as lacing it with tungsten? The government that said everything was fine in 2008 right before the crisis? The goverment that said your healthcare costs wouldn't increase a cent once Obamacare hits in 2014? The government that was 100% sure there were WMD's in Iraq at the time of the war? The government that denied purchasing 2 billion hollow-point bullets until the DHS was cornered and had to acknowledge the purchases earlier this year? Your choice - think independently or be a government sheep. Too many sheep these days. Don't make fun of those that are 'awake'.

3) Bomb threats at the Court House
Remember the helicopters and news crews surrounding the Court House when they supposedly had a 'dark-skinned male' suspect? (Quick aside - liberals across the country threw their remotes and exclaimed, "Shit....I was hoping for a right wing gun enthusiast....why do they always elude us?!?!?!?"). The media went back to doing what they do lately - changing their story multiple times and then ultimately getting bailed out by some phony-ass bomb scare/evacuation to throw off the scent. Reports were that there was a van being shuffled back and forth from Brigham & Women's Hospital to the Court House ('Saudi National' - read item #4). Coast Guard patrolling the waters. But the story hadn't been fully vetted yet, so all of the media swarmed the Court House. Cause the truth doesn't really matter to CNN anymore, just speed of reporting. Everybody kept gathering for press conferences that never occurred. They had to do something because this would be one gigantic letdown. So they called in a made-up bomb threat and forced everybody to leave the premises under the auspices of 'your life is at risk.'

Oh by the way - they asked for everyone's help identifying any peculiar characters that may have been related to this bombing, despite the fact that they had the storefront video of the suspects from the get-go. So keep up your wild goose chase stupid citizens and stay distracted while we piece together a narrative and hopefully stick with it. Now this item is less 'conspiratorial', so much as an easy way to switch up the story if it goes in a confusing direction. CNN effed up its reporting, and the American public was quickly redirected to a future manhunt because the trail had 'gone cold' supposedly. BTW - I remember reading a random note from a blogger that Tuesday saying (paraphrased) - "They're gonna have martial law by the end of week in Boston, this is a test for preparedness". Ummm yeah, more on that in a bit.....

4) That Pesky Saudi National
The first suspect in the Boston Bombing was the infamous 'Saudi National'. He was the first suspect in question that was being hospitalized at Brigham & Women's being treated for severe hand burns. His name is Abdul Rahman Ali Al-harbi. He is a member of an Al-Qaeda and Gitmo-linked family that has 10+ members on the Saudi terrorist watch list. He's also been a frequent White House guest over the years:

Michelle Obama was photographed visiting him at the hospital. For all the shit Bush took for cozying up to the Saudis, it looks like the trend continues with his Mooooslim successor. The scary part is that Secretary of State John Kerry also met with a high ranking Saudi Minister regarding this national and the decision was to deport him at the earliest convenience. Proving that the left hand doesn't speak to the right hand, DHS head Janet Napolitano vehemently denied the deportation order, but had to walk it back when she was confronted with pesky things like 'facts', and ultimately admitted that a deportation order order. No one knows the whereabouts of Abdul Rahman Ali Al-harbi right now. I'm slightly concerned. As if the above was not enough, the scariest part is the terrorist distinction of this clown - 212(3b), which is 'proven terrorist activity on the National Counterterrorism Center watchlist (NCTC), and the '3b' distinction requires solid evidence. This dude was also on the no-fly list and his visa status lists him as a resident of Findlay, Ohio. So why the eff is someone on a terrorist watch-list with Saudi terrorist links being visited by the First Lady and off his leash in Ohio under the guises of 'pursuing education'. Was this a clerical mistake? Wouldn't the DHS just come clean and admit that? Oops sorry, too conspiratorial, I'll just back off and go in the corner.

5) Martial Law
Remember the last ten 'manhunts' you heard about, where a murderer was on the loose and you had to shut down public transportation, cancel work, and order the residents of any town surrounding a city to stay in their houses at the risk of being approached by police? Yeah, me neither. Congrats, Boston. You just became the template for future martial law in the United States. Your courage under fire was admirable, and you greeted the law enforcement with a hero's welcome and free beers for life. Local Boston cops worked overtime, put their lives on the line, and did their jobs well on Thursday/Friday April 18th/19th. For that, they should be commended. However, those that pull the Federal strings were the ones laughing maniacally, for they implemented the closest thing to martial law since New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, with minimal pushback. People obeyed, didn't leave their homes, stayed in their family rooms and willingly opened up their front doors to law enforcement officials. Hell, if the officials asked for their guns at that point, I'm sure 99% of the residents would have said, 'Yessa massah.'

Hindsight being 20/20, I'm sure I would have capitulated to any requests, as I am a law-abiding citizen. I had friends down the street in Watertown giving me the blow by blow of every major happening, so I can't even begin to imagine the fear that everyone was feeling knowing that a terrorist was hiding out in their own neighborhood. But did anybody find it a little odd that after shutting the city and its surrounding towns down, the travel bans were lifted, public transportation opened back up, and people were allowed to leave their homes? Even though the Tsarnaev brother was still on the loose? Then why the fuck did you shut everything down in the first place? Was that a white flag you were waving? And who solved the crime? Some stiff going out for a cigarette who noticed blood on his boat!!!! A fitting end to a shitshow of a week for the government that touts 'Bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run'. Now, we all got caught up in the faux-patriotism that gripped us after 9/11. I blasted Hulk Hogan's 'Real American' theme song and sucked every cop in town's dick as a show of solidarity. Just kidding on the first part. But still - local cops (of which I know some) deserve praise. FBI/CIA/upper eschelons of government deserve intense Q&A's from non-members of the liberal press. This stinks as much as Benghazi and we deserve to know the answers.

It also needs to be understood that for the past 5-7 years, DHS has been running 'urban preparedness drills' in major cities (38 last year alone), in which they test reactions to a biochemical attack, social unrest, rioting, terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and any other contrived chaos that they can think of. I've already outlined how some of these drills 'go live' at a moment's notice. They've now purchased over 2 billion hollow-point bullets (these are too pricey for simple 'shooting range practice' and the rest of the world won't even negotiate usage of these into the Geneva Conventions. They've also purchased thousands of Humvees and other urban warfare transportation (you saw some in Watertown last month). I'd say things went swimmingly for the future DHS business model. Simply youtube videos of Houston and Florida urban warfare training and you will see what is becoming commonplace - black helicopters and riot squads doing practice drills. What are they preparing for? Well, have you read my prior posts? This all syncs into the grand scheme of the globalist - crash the dollar, the US economy, launch a cyberattack and zero out our bank balances, nuke a west coast city, take out our communications with an EMP from North Korea or Iran, launch World War III from Israel on the rest of the Middle East, any scenario you can think of - our government has planned for. You thought Cyprus was bad? You thought Boston Marathon bombing was bad? You thought 9/11 was bad? The Tsarnaev's were the latest sleeper cell to 'wake up' since 9/11. There's more coming.

So the final verdict in my book is this - government knew something was 'coming' (just like 9/11). FBI kept these guys on a long leash, allowed them to travel as they saw fit, research any material they wanted online, not work, live on the dole. The Saudi national had some involvement, but since he's Saudi and the only thing holding the US dollar together is the relationship with Saudi Arabia/the petrodollar, this guy can do whatever he wants and get deported under the radar (Bin Laden family-style), no more questions asked. They probably had actionable intelligence that something was going to go down at the Boston Marathon, they just didn't know how or where exactly (kinda like the August 2001 'Al Qaeda Determined To Attack America' warning we got). Do I hold the Obama administration responsible? Absolutely not. As with Sandy Hook and Aurora, bad shit happens on a President's watch. Doesn't mean they are complicit. However, they do know that a series of crises will emerge during the term to help foster an emotional response and public outcry to 'do something' that ultimately infringes on our civil liberties (as outlined at the onset of the post). This is hardly the last event that we will see in the next four years, and don't be surprised if the 'Muslim Extremist' is substituted for the 'Second Amendment Kooky White Guy.' Book it.