Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wheels Coming Off The Wagon

Apologies to my 2.3 readers that I haven't posted since April (busy forecasting period at work, kids activities, blah blah blah no one cares). Lots of stuff going on in the world and it warranted getting back in the game to disseminate the news that our lamestream media flat out refuses to report with any coherence. The credibility of the US government continues to plummet as the IRS scandal, hemorrhaging Mexican border, NSA scandal, Benghazi scandal, Iraq 3.0, VA scandal, Ukraine crisis, Bundy Ranch standoff are making the failed two party system look like Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in 'Dumb and Dumber'. My renewed goal as I rejoin the blogosphere is to create friction among readers still subscribing to the left-right paradigm. You NEED to decouple ASAP from having a (D) or an (R) after your name, because both sides will let you down. They keep lowering our expectations. I defended Bush and he made me look stupid. Liberals defend Obama and he makes them look REALLY stupid. I see an Obama bumper sticker and question how the driver successfully got dressed for the day. But what's the common denominator? WE the American public look stupid. Stop looking stupid. I feel like this is a Direct TV 'Get Rid of Cable - Slippery Slope' commercial. Decouple, take a step back and laugh at how foolish both sides look.

IRS Scandal Rekindled
The Lying Lois Lerner Debacle gets worse by the minute. We're now hearing that two months after the steepest period of hijinx (January 2009-April 2011), her hard drive broke and the email couldn't be retrieved. The hard drive crash is dated around June 13, 2011. Ok, fine, whatever. Pull it from the server where every company is mandated to keep email backups. "The hard drive is broken." Yeah I heard you buddy, please retrieve these emails from the mandated backup server. "Yeah, but...but the hard drive is broken, we can't." You and I are not on the same page, IRS. I realize in lots of companies anything after 6 months typically gets deleted from local computers for storage space issues; my company has a 1 year policy. Others never 'outlook janitor' their emails. But everything is backed up on a server. See IRS Manual blurb below reminding us that copies of each email are placed in a Microsoft Exchange Server:  (07-08-2011)
Don’t Slow Down the System

  1. To avoid slowing down transmission of information:
    • Use Arial or another simple font on a plain background.
    • Do not use animation, fancy background, "wallpapers," borders, graphics and photographs as part of your "stationery" or message format. Exceptions will only be allowed for special IRS Commissioner initiatives.
    • Refrain from sending large attachments to work groups or audiences. Remember every email message and any attachments, embedded graphics and photographs require a copy for each Exchange server store where each recipient’s mailbox resides. Instead store the document on an IRS public web archive or SharePoint repository and insert a hyperlink into the message. Ensure the permissions allow access by all recipients prior to sending the message.
And then this subtle implication (not sure what extent of service was, but even if they no longer do business together, a backup server process EXISTS):

You. Are. Being. Lied. To. Typical liberal response: "Yeah, but WMD's, Halliburton, Bush ruined the economy." Take a step back from ideology and read the above, and then put on your hypothetical cap and pretend the IRS was targeting liberal groups and a republican was president. Feel free to have the same anger and vitriol. It's the first step to going independent. So what's the resolution here? More stonewalling. Nothing will happen. Those that perform the best on the stand will receive promotions within the next eight months. One more thing - I mention above that her hard drive crashed around June 13, 2011. On June 3rd, 2011, Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee, Congressman Dave Camp, wrote the below letter to then IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman about the potential of unfairly targeting conservatives:

Let that timeline sink in for a few minutes. Ten days after the cat leaps out of the bag, Lerner and six others' hard drives start to magically crash, and the same IRS that mandates YOU the taxpayer keep 5-7 years of tax records, claims that there is no server with backups of employee emails. Methinks this letter got passed around the IRS like Ke$ha's vagina at a Grammys afterparty. Folks panicked and stuff got 'broken', 'disappeared', 'crashed', 'deleted' (insert other past tense verbs here), aaaaand here we are. Not sure about you, but I don't like being held to a different standard than government. What do I know, though, I'm just a racist tea-bagger, right Obamabots?

Hemorrhaging Mexican Border
Not saying this is necessarily Obama's fault, but the overall lack of border security has reached comical levels. Neither Bush nor Obama have done a thing to quell the flow of illegals. "But Obama has deported more illegals than ever." Cause his administration changed the formula. Now 'catch and release' applies, where you block at the border and count it as a deportation. We have tens of thousands of unattended minors being shipped up and dropped off on the border as we speak, mainly on the misinformation that any mothers with young children traveling to the border will be given permits to stay, and that US border protocols have been, como se dice, 'relaxed'. Families come in, husbands are quickly deported, then mothers and children are shipped to the closest US-based relative on the taxpayer's dime via free bus vouchers. Feel free to pass go, feel free to collect your $200. FEMA coordinates the process (you know, the Katrina and Sandy FEMA), while the mothers slowly fall off the radar within the mandated 30 days to 'check back in'.

And then THIS nugget comes out:

It now appears that administration officials KNEW some type of mounting crisis would occur, so they started building up capability/resources ahead of time to properly plan the mission. This is what you get when there are three decades of inaction on the border. Everything begins to explode at once (driving down wages, giving up on strict border security, more burden on the taxpayer to support these people, spread of new diseases (oh yes, this is already happening), rising crime, path to citizenship ultimately culminating in millions of new democrats! Yay!!!! Soooo excited for my children to inherit this!

The gameplan is this - stage a 'crisis' at the border, pretend to talk tough, force the issue into the news so that the president 'has to do something' with his limp wrist, pen, and a phone. Boom - executive action to expedite path to citizenship 'because we are too overwhelmed at the border'. Cloward and Piven strategy (subject of a future blog post) in full view to weaken America and build reliance on government Watch for this to politically 'catch fire' over the next few weeks.

Malaysian Plane didn't crash in the Indian Ocean. In fact, it didn't crash period. Oh, it WILL crash, but not until it's retrofitted with new electronics and some unsavory weapons. Think of it as 'on sabbatical'. Next stop: Tel Aviv or some other ally so that we can concoct a reason to attack Iran/Syria (you know, for the tenth year in a row).

Ukraine Crisis
As widely expected, Vladimir Putin continues to play chess while the NATO/West play Angry Birds. He is biding his time, slowly swallowing up pro-Russia regions of Ukraine (Crimea through secession referendum, Donetsk and Lugansk through 'self rule' referendums, but for all intents and purposes, they flip to Russia's side). We've now seen a largely unreported explosion on the biggest pipeline from Ukraine to Germany, Italy, France, and eastern European countries. This was ONE DAY after Russia basically refused to supply Ukraine gas unless it is paid for in advance. This is called s-a-b-o-t-a-g-e. While it was quickly 'quelled', we should expect more of the same type of stuff this summer. I've talked before about how the US and Saudi Arabia have assets in the region aimed at destabilization. We've spent $5 billion over the past 15+ years fomenting unrest in Ukraine so they would turn on their Russian neighbor and join NATO/the EU. We are failing miserably, and our dollar will ultimately pay the price.

The method is this - we pay off activists/terrorists in the region to start skirmishes with Russian military on the borders, start fires or flat out bomb areas close to major pipelines, stir up civil unrest in the major cities, etc. Basically draw Russia in so that they can be viewed as the aggressor, and then BOOM something happens: protesters die, gas supplies get disrupted and blamed on Russia, and then we issue more useless sanctions on big bad Russia and Vladimir Putin. Demonize the opponent as a bully/jerk and public opinion for foreign intervention is an easier sell. We succeeded (from a public opinion sales pitch perspective) with Iraq, kind of succeeded in Libya (through a NATO invasion), got our asses kicked in Syria when the whole 'blame Assad for chemicals weapons even though it was really the (US-funded) Al Qaeda-linked rebels who used them' fiasco was exposed. Now we're doing it in Ukraine and out of nowhere, Iraq, with another attempt at Syria sometime later this year waiting in the wings.

So what happens next? Based on the alternative media sites that I read and insider intelligence/financial newsboards that I subscribe to (I have no connections, I'm just a loser with a keyboard so I need to get the info from connected 'sources' not named Alex spare me the 'get over yourself, dude, you're not important' speech), there 'chatter' in the heavily manipulated commodities markets that include strong buy signals/'pings' on silver and a HUGE looming uptick in oil very soon. Oil spikes are indicative of market crashes and heavy/instant recessions since everyone, everywhere relies on oil for their day to day existence. BTW - Bush and Obama don't dictate the price of oil/gas, so don't blame them and make it political (just an aside). Additionally, there is geopolitical intelligence that suggests a serious escalation in the Ukraine region in which Vladimir Putin plans to do something drastic to 'resolve' the crisis. Both financial and geopolitical intelligence have a mid-July timeframe for these events. Again, this is based on what I've read and heard through recent posts. I shy away from 'date-setting' due to humans generally having a poor track record with this art form. I will say that these alternative media crusaders have been right about the metals markets, Syria, banker suicides before they started happening, the disaster of Japans economic policy, and the multitude of bilateral non-USD energy deals being signed internationally. Therefore the credibility of these alternative media personalities is through the roof.

Given the daily happenings in border skirmishes, the 65k troop buildup on the Russia/Ukraine border for 'military drills/exercises' and the intense need to distract countries from their domestic economic woes, my guess is that sometime this summer, most likely around July 15th, Vladimir Putin will launch a full-scale attack on pro-Western areas of Ukraine, which will force NATO intervention. Putin will then unequivocally beat the shit out of NATO. Like, curbstomp them. Embarrass them. Send them running in the opposite direction faster than an NBA player on Father's Day. This will spook the world and our spineless president won't do a damn thing. He can't do a damn thing. He's powerless to do anything, because RUSSIA was the one that cock-blocked us in Syria. RUSSIA is the one that coordinated the chemical weapons destruction/handover in Syria. RUSSIA is the one that says 'You won't lay a finger on Iran, do you understand me?' RUSSIA is the one that just signed the Holy Grail gas deal with China, with $250 billion of non-USD denominated funds changing hands (so long, petrodollar). I'm no Russia apologist, but I can detect when someone means business, and Vladimir Putin means business. No red lines, no equivocating, no gray area, no fake threats, etc. He's a bad dude. You don't mess with him.

So that's a snapshot of my two-part 'Welcome Back to Trousered Apes' post. Later this week I will have updates on the emerging Iraq crisis (and our role as one of the benefactors of ISIS), as well as the widely expected HYPERINFLATION we are seeing in the food we eat, the energy we consume, and basically anything we spend our discretionary income on besides batteries and shampoo. Have a good week.