Thursday, October 31, 2013

Obamacare Endgame: Intentionally Crash, Usher In Single-Payer Socialist System

Mad props to the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox!!!! Unlike the Yankees, when we suffer a terrorist attack, we actually go and win the championship and not choke to an expansion team and let our city down. Ok that was harsh.

We're four weeks into the bloody abortion that is Obamacare, you know, the horrible Affordable Care Act that no Republican voted for but liberals will still try to blame on them? Yeah, that one. The one that will most likely require 10-16 million Americans to lose their healthcare even though they were told they could keep it? Yeah, that one. The one that INCREASES the premiums, deductibles and monthly payments, despite the fact that we were told it would decrease $2500 for the average family? Yeah, that one. The one that is going to drive 60% of doctors from the profession? Yeah, that one. The one that we, the taxpayer, spent $600 million on to set up the website that has had numerous glitches? Yeah, that one. This is an unmitigated disaster. It's actually WORSE than all of the cautionary rhetoric coming from the much-maligned Tea Party Republicans (or as I call them, 'liberty loving Americans with testicles') warned about at townhalls four years ago.

 I'd love to recap all of the numerous Obamacare rollout problems but you've probably heard about them already. The middle-class are particularly screwed over as they are the largest segment of productive people who will be hurt the most by 500% healthcare increases. Again, we were told there wouldn't be increases, that in fact it would slow the rate of healthcare cost growth. In fact, for many Americans, healthcare costs would go DOWN. Those with a brain and a healthy level of cynicism knew this was pure bullshit. Let's not forget - the 2012 election was a gut check for America. While we never directly voted on Obamacare, our choices of Congress members and President was an indirect thumbs up on moving the progressive agenda forward. Re-elect Obama, and we get Obamacare in all its glory. Don't re-elect Obama and we put the brakes on it and perhaps repeal it. We made our decision and need to live with the consequences. I will not tolerate complaints from people who voted for Obama and are now bitching about Obamacare. You knew what you were getting. All low-information voters can eat shit for all I care. I hope their healthcare costs go through the roof and it cripples their ability to live a normal life without getting a second job. I hope they can't afford to travel anymore and need to stay in on Saturday nights eating Pizza Hut/drinking their own urine to save money. I hope they successfully enroll through (who's dick do you have to suck to get THAT kind of preferred access?) and your information gets hacked by NSA and identity thieves. You were warned and you still voted the way you did because you are a gullible buffoon. Not that things would have been drastically different under Romney, but at least the painful healthcare impacts would have been postponed indefinitely. Whatever, water under the bridge. 

The purpose of this post is to reinforce the point that Obamacare will be allowed to fail. They knew it was going to be a shitshow with the American sheeple. The website glitches probably came as a surprise, but everything else is going as planned. Give the people a turd sandwich, force competitors off the playing field and then have the public demand a 'single-payer system' run by the government. Socialist goal accomplished. It's called the Hegelian Dialectic - 'Problem. Reaction. Solution.' You want to push an agenda? Create a problem, government saves the day, people demand government solution, government grabs more power. Mass 'Stockholm Syndrome' as we embrace our captors. Because we are stupid sweaty dopes who care more about the finalists on X-Factor than how to fix the economy and get the right candidates in office. The rest of the world is laughing at us as we wallow in our self-indulgent, indebted lifestyles. 

Problem - "We need universal, nationalized healthcare for American citizens. 30 million previously not covered people will now be covered if we push this legislation."
Reaction - We pass Affordable Care Act in 2010. The magical '30 million' number becomes 15m. Then 10m. Then 7m. Nervousness creeps in. Democrats get their dicks kicked in during the 2010 midterms. 
Solution - Obama gets re-elected. Ted Cruz filibuster (predictably) fails. Obamacare enrollments open October 1st. Government shuts down. Website crashes and can't accommodate the web traffic. Enrollment is 1% of what was expected. Program needs at least 7 million people enrolled to be financially viable. Projections are around 1 million people by Q1 2014. People begin to ask for an alternative. Single-payer, government controlled healthcare gains traction. 

See how this shit works? The government WANTS Obamacare in its current form to fail. The GOP dangled the prospect of delaying the individual mandate. The Dems said no. Ironically, they've just granted a six week 'delay' for those having trouble accessing the website. You can't make this shit up. The website flat-out CRASHED last Sunday. It CRASHED during HHS Secretary Kathy Sebelius' testimony. Now, let's be honest - eventually the website will work. Not smoothly, but it will work. Enrollments will ramp up (maybe?). But the impacts have already been felt. Americans are more cash-strapped, the economy continues to limp along at 1.5-2% phony growth, and our debt ceiling problems were basically punted out three months. Federal Reserve will taper their QE purchases any month now (despite the recent news that they will still print $85b a month), instantly crashing the stock market bubble. Food stamps go down by an average of $57 a month for families in need effective November 1st. Oh well. We're five years into the recession, I'm sure it will get better one of these days. 

Ok, so what is single-payer, and why is it bad? Simply put - it's one administrator of healthcare payments. They collect healthcare fees and allocate healthcare payments. Gone are the thousands of health care organizations and billing agencies ('private sector jobs'), replaced by government-controlled health care administrators ('public sector jobs funded by the taxpayer'). It will slow the rate of healthcare cost inflation. Comprehensive coverage for all. Doctor compensation would change little. We will get a simplified model run by the government. Of course they are telling the truth. What could go wrong? Plenty. 

Obamacare is the Trojan Horse to a single-payer healthcare system (you know, the failed European model for healthcare?). Slowly frighten people into thinking they will lose their employer-sponsored healthcare. Costs become prohibitive for corporations due to fees, regulations and increasing costs of administering healthcare. Companies then drop healthcare coverage. Scared citizens run into the open arms of government. Mission accomplished. The government will trumpet the wonders of it all like a Foxwoods commercial, but it will ultimately result in more abuses and wasted taxpayer money. Remember, these are the same assholes that run the DMV.

First things first, since the government will be the single-payer, people will take advantage of the process and overuse it. Why should they care? They aren't paying for it, someone else is! So forget about 'savings in administrative costs' - that goes out the window with a single-payer that people abuse! It's human nature to overuse something that you don't have to pay for. Also, we will inevitably ration this undersupplied healthcare the way they do in Canada and UK. Talented doctors exit the profession since it means less compensation to offset their years and years of medical school loan payments. Quality of care decreases. Government elbows its way into your private affairs and starts making decisions usually reserved between you and your doctor. As mentioned above, private healthcare agencies go out of business because they can't meet Obamacare guidelines, which puts people out of private sector jobs and they presumably land on their feet as a....taxpayer funded public servant for government-run healthcare. This means higher expenses for ACA and ultimately a higher budget deficit each year due to the program's expansion. But again, why should we worry? The government didn't make things worse by expanding its involvement in Medicare and Medicaid, right? Those costs didn't skyrocket, right? Am I missing something here? Furthermore, you can expect longer wait times and, in the case of England and Canada, 20% of all patients complain of having trouble accessing care. Get this - UK, Canada, and Sweden are now looking to REVERSE decades of public healthcare in favor of private health care. We have more preventive care here and five year cancer survival rates are higher in the US. You want to mess with that?

Remember when Republicans were compared to Nazis and Bush to Hitler? Shoe on other foot.
And how does it make you feel that you will be funding the healthcare costs for people that don't take care of themselves and eat healthy? How do you feel about competition being wiped out and the government being the only game in town for 1/6th of the economy? How do you feel about the head of the IRS being in charge of Obamacare oversight? How do you feel submitting information into a system that is wildly unsecure and prone to internet hackers? Remember, Obamacare has paid 'navigators' to help you through the process. In light of all the NSA scandals this year, do you really feel confident that your medical records are secure? To sum it up - Obamacare is designed to fail in favor of a 'save the day' single-payer system that globalists have wanted all along. All of our information goes into a central government healthcare database and it's game over. Then they push legislation to link a gun registry to the central government healthcare database. Then they link all of your debts to the central government healthcare database. Do you see where this is going? This is what you voted for America. I hope you're happy. Single-payer healthcare by 2016, maybe earlier. Game, set, match.

Thanks for reading. I need a stiff drink......

Monday, October 21, 2013

If Only We Had More Women In Government To Solve Our Problems And Get Stuff Done....Behold...."The Trojan Horse Blog Post"

"Hope you have all been enjoying your autumn so far, apple picking, watching football and just enjoying nature when you can!" - Every other boring blog. Not here. I don't care about what you do on the weekend, it's probably sleeping in like a warthog till an ungodly hour and then complaining that there is not enough time during the day to get errands done. We have bigger fish to fry here at Trousered Apes so lets get right into it.

There is a nice article floating around the internet about how women solved the contrived theater known as the 'debt ceiling' crisis, written by a guy with a hyphenated last name (never understood why a grown-up dude has to do that to his last name). Check out the link below, in all seriousness, it's a good read and is a unique perspective on how they stick together in a bipartisan fashion despite their differences:

I'm thrilled that this type of teamwork exists in Washington. Quite a breath of fresh air. I'd be totally fine with a 50/50 split of men and women in Congress. But it got me thinking - there have been a few articles bouncing around this week talking about how men got us into the debt situation, and women got us out. Knowing that Congress is heavily dominated by white men who smell like moth balls, Jovan Musk, and have calcium deposits on the sides of their mouths, a part of me was inclined to believe that hypothesis. The media fawning was aimed at one endgame - give the impression that women will govern better, solve our problems and fix our now $17 trillion debt crisis. To which I respond - "TOTAL BULLSHIT."

The 'Before and After' of the Senate Sisterhood's Saving of the Day
 ***DISCLAIMER To Knee-Jerk Feminists Who Get Offended Easily***

People are so tunnel-visioned that I need to take out real estate to actually frame an issue in context. So here goes - I think women are great leaders, more organized, structured, pragmatic, honest, and fair than men (is that stereotyping - quick, feminists get offended!!!!). The majority of my direct bosses in the workforce have been women, and I perform better as an employee when a woman is my boss. There, I said it. ***END DISCLAIMER***

In light of the above though, the implication that more women, more diversity, more african americans, more LGBT makes us automatically 'better' is hogwash. It's merely a physical or sexual attribute. Good ideas and solutions make us better. I don't vote for people based on physical or sexual attributes, and neither should a well-informed American voter. Do you represent your constituents? Do you want a two term limit to implement whatever agenda you have? Do you respect the taxpayer and don't say anything just to get elected? Then I don't give a shit what gender or skin color you are. Just do what we tell you to do and walk away when your time is up.

Read on knowing full-well that I have no dog in the fight. Old white men have been ruining our planet for thousands of years. I'm not defending them. Think of this as giving a Shawn Michaels super-kick to the 'women in high places can do no wrong' crowd. We act like the 10-15% Congressional approval rating only applies to the wrinkly old white man, and that the women all have out of this world likeability. The list below details prominent women political figures that "we need to just give a chance cause you'll see - things will be better." Sit back and enjoy.

Janet Yellen - brand new head of the Federal Reserve, effective January 2014
It's cool that we no longer have some old white guy running the most diabolical monetary system in the world. Now women can destroy currencies, too. Janet Yellen was named as Ben Bernanke's replacement. She was basically a career academic before hitting the Federal Reserve board circuit, before becoming the Vice Chair of the Fed in 2010. Yes, she is plenty qualified to run the Fed, just as those before her. But she isn't going to make things better merely because she is a woman. In fact, our collapse will happen on her watch. She's committed to continuing if not EXPANDING the ruinous QE Infinity program wrought by Ben Bernanke ($2 trillion to date with NO improvement other than an inflated stock market based on no fundamentals whatsoever). She didn't foresee the 2008 crisis when it unfolded, which is the same excuse her three predecessors also gave (mind you, these people RUN THE FEDERAL RESERVE and can't see the iceberg to save their lives). Take this gem of a quote:

“I did not see and did not appreciate what the risks were with securitization, the credit ratings agencies, the shadow banking system, the S.I.V.’s — I didn’t see any of that coming until it happened.” 

Great. She's now in charge. But she's a woman, so I'm sure things will magically just get better.

Hillary Clinton - former NY senator, former Secretary of State
She will replace Obama and become the first woman president in 2016. Pretty much a done deal. People will vote for her to help achieve such a historic accomplishment. But her track record the higher she goes in government sucks. The buffoonish 'containment' strategy against China. Doing nothing with Pakistan in the aftermath of the Bin Laden raid. Overthrowing war on terror ALLY Moammar Ghaddafi in Libya, and of course, the horribly, shamefully, disgustingly handled Benghazi abortion. The 'what difference does it make' sqawk-fest while being asked about the true events of that night. Supporting the overthrow of key Middle Eastern ally Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, replacing him with the Muslim Brotherhood puppet Mohammed Morsi, who lasted ONE FUCKING YEAR before he and his 'brothers' were OVERTHROWN, KICKED OUT, and BANNED from Egypt. The Libya rebel arming followed by Syria rebel arming has basically ensured Al Qaeida inherits the throne to the region. You can't make this stuff up. But she's a woman, so she'll make things better. Don't hold your breath.

PS - and way to be a fucking doormat while your piece of shit husband frequently banged/raped/punched other women. If the National Organization of Women (NOW) was capable not being blinded by political affiliation, they would be outraged at how submissive you appear when faced with sticking up for yourself in a marriage. But alas, strong woman, hear me roar, blah blah blah.

Janet Napolitano - former Arizona governor and Department of Homeland Security director
Ms. Napolitano has since left the DHS to run the University of California system (she'll be replaced by Jeh Johnson in the coming weeks). But she was a force when it came to implementing Obama's vision of a 'civilian security force' that he called for in his 2008 campaign. Yes, her three predecessors in DHS were also civil liberty grabbers, so I want to be fair, but going along with my higher message here, she didn't exactly 'solve our problems' or 'make things better'. DHS has notoriously purchased 2.2 BILLION 'hollow-point, banned by the Geneva Conventions' bullets that are aimed at killing people and shredding their guts. DHS also accumulated over 2800 Humvees and advanced artillery for DOMESTIC use. The drone program has expanded substantially in the past five years. Conservatives, libertarians, and veterans are now Public Enemy #1 to the average slow adult, low-info voting trendies. Job well done, Janet. Quite a departure from your forebears.

Nancy Pelosi - former Speaker of the House/Kathy Sebelius - head of Health and Human Services
Nancy Pelosi is a fun target of the GOP, but I guess she's effective at her job - after all, she infamously coerced everyone into passing Obamacare so that they can find out what's in it. She was the pitbull behind the operation, while Ms. Sebelius is the operations head in charge of this disaster. Both women were huge advocates of the Affordable Care Act, and both should be held accountable for its failures. As for the first week's numbers, well, check out this orgasmic chart:

Glitches have plagued the launch for the past three weeks. But 'unique visitors' are being trumpeted as 'enrollees' by the administration, and these two are at the forefront from a never-wrong women's perspective. This rollout has been so unpopular, Sebelius recently hijacked Heinz Field in Pittsburgh for an 'ACA Roadshow'. Less than 100 people showed up. At a major football stadium. Premiums and monthly payments skyrocketing, coverage plans being dropped by companies of all shapes and sizes, and doctors threatening to exit the profession. These two lovely ladies are gung-ho about Obamacare. But they're women, so they can fix our healthcare problems, right?

Sarah Palin - former governor of Alaska, former Republican VP Nominee
To show I'm not some partisan hack, I threw in Sarah Palin, because, quite frankly, she did it to herself. Remember the excitement when she was added to the boring, toothless, dickless, spineless, idealess McCain ticket that I was forced to hold my nose and vote for? Emotions were high - she was well-liked as governor, represented her constituents as advertised, and hated political and corporate bullies. She had that anti-establishment streak that made people gravitate to her, and ultimately became a rising star in the Tea Party movement. But she had a propensity for gaffes. Not what the GOP needed after the Bush years - as a gubernatorial or senate candidate - fine. But as a VP nominee? Ehhhh. She routinely flubbed softball questions from brilliant minds like Katie Couric and Brian Williams. She couldn't name basic magazines that she read in her office. Her recollection of American History was spotty at best. She used Alaskan colloquialisms that only three Alaskans had heard of. Supporters would cringe when she was asked tough questions. She handled herself well against Biden in the debate, but the McCain staff had their claws in her and treated her with kid gloves. "Don't wander too far off the reservation, ya hear me, girl?" Her ideas, if put on paper, are just what the country needs. As long as someone other than her expresses them. But this is what the GOP went for - a woman VP for the sake of having a woman VP. We need a little more, folks.

Honorable Mention:
Janet Reno - former Attorney General. Authorized the Waco inferno. Refused to investigate Clinton cronies. The Elian Gonzalez debacle.
Susan Rice - former ambassador, current head of NSA. The face of the Benghazi lies. It was about a youtube video. That says enough right there. She can never be trusted again.
Barbara Boxer - Senator from CA. Loves basic infanticide, but once that baby makes it into your home, the bastard needs to live.
Dianne Feinstein -Senator from CA. Does not believe Americans should own private firearms. But she can have a personal security guard that does. On record saying she would love to confiscate guns from the average citizen if the situation presented itself. Keep an eye on her next time a mass shooting happens.

Condoleeza Rice - former Secretary of State, former NSA director. Love me some Condi, but she does have Iraq/Afghanistan on her resume. Sooo many missteps. And the bungled communications failures around 9/11. That stuff will never go away.

So what was the point of this checklist? To show people that gender/race/religion/age alone aren't going to fix our problems. Pragmatic, realistic, authentic and slightly cynical ideas will. Two awesome female political figures come to mind as I write this - the late Margaret Thatcher (former British PM), and current Germany President Angela Merkel. Both were demonized early on in their terms but through a stalwart belief in the power of the individual, personal accountability, living within your means, limiting government largesse, and an unabashed love of country and preservation of its principles they have become some of the most successful leaders of the past 50 years. Merkel has shown her key strength as it relates to the ongoing Euro crisis, giving the impression that she is the only adult in the room at many of these meetings. But it's not because she's a woman, but rather because her ideology and mindset are in line with rational thinkers. As was Thatcher's. Those women couldn't be walked all over, because they would fight back with well-thought out responses in lieu of typical government talking points.

One more thing - they are also from opposite political spectrums, so clearly there are common denominators that can be extracted from their leadership styles. THAT is what we need in our leaders, whether male, female, black, white, handicapped, tall, or short. We get too caught up in the wedge issues. Enough. Find the right candidates for the job. Don't make physical attributes a selling point. I've just proven that women are just as capable of being as awful as men. Stop giving yourselves a pass cause you have a vagina.

Hopefully this provoked some interesting feelings. I still bet I get the knee-jerk hate mail from those who don't believe in things like 'reality' and 'female fallability'. But that's why I do this shit. To shake up the psyche a little bit. Until next time.....

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Government Shutdown - What You Probably Didn't Know

This week has been fraught with discussions about the much feared and anticipated 'US government shutdown.' Both parties are in another bitch fight with no end in sight, limp-wristedly hitting each other with their purses. It's so bad that Lindsay Graham's vibrator fell out of his satchel and John McCain had to kick it into the corner so no one would see. This post dissects the main storyline, each side's position, what you are NOT being told, and where this is all headed.

Here's the storyline - the government has shut down due to the fact that the Democrats initially refused to endorse the Ted Cruz-led GOP proposal to defund Obamacare (ie - we'll agree to a 2014 proposed budget set to begin October 1st 2013, but there will be no funding granted for the Affordable Care Act). That ruffled some feathers, rightfully so. Democrats were not cool with this, so they refused to negotiate further. Oh wait, they refused to negotiate even BEFORE the GOP proposed defunding ACA. Ted Cruz filibustered for 21 hours, saw his approval ratings shoot through the roof, and made the main establishment guard of the party a little uncomfortable. I couldn't be happier. But that was merely a symbolic gesture. The proposal was soundly defeated by the Senate and effectively, the 'Defund Obamacare' proposal ended September 27th/28th. Republicans have not brought it up since. Instead, they have backed off and offered countermeasures:
- Make Congress get the same type of healthcare that everyday citizens are forced to get if they go on the open exchange. If the law is good enough to pass, they should be forced to be on it.
- Delay the individual mandate for another year, just like the corporate mandate. Obama already did so with small companies so he could make the Dems look better going into 2014 mid-terms, so why not do that for the everyday people?
- Drop the 2.3% tax on medical devices. Like, forever.
- Continue to fund 'piecemeal' select government agencies that warrant ongoing funding (200+ NIH children with cancer, park services for WWII veterans, other memorials, etc). Dems have said no, but Harry Reid went a step further when asked if he would fund NIH and even help one child with cancer by responding, "Why would we want to do that?" Party of the little guy. The Democrats.

At this point in time, as of this writing (Sunday, October 6th), we are still in shutdown. By shutdown, I mean '67% of the government still works as planned, but 33% actually shuts down'. The earth is still turning, the sun has been coming up, and millions of women have gotten their periods this week (although a few thousand Obama supporters of barely-voting age DID NOT get their periods this week, so expect some bloody abortions/unwanted pregnancies due to poor decision-making. Party of the little guy. How's THAT for a left field remark?). We are 11 days away from the dreaded October 17th TRUE deadline, where we would be in technical default and unable to actually pay our bills, and neither side is budging.

Now this is the 17th government shutdown since 1977, but this one's a little different. Tip O'Neill/Ronald Reagan would meet frequently to work through their differences. Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich would meet frequently to work through their differences. And guess what? Each time, monuments would remain open, barracades of open space memorials would be nonexistent, and veterans had access to sites dedicated to them. This time around is different. No surprise. Democrats don't want to negotiate. Republicans keep giving counter proposals and get rebuffed. Obamacare is going to be 16% of GDP. We never got to vote on it. It is wildly unpopular (Mickey Mouse polls are probably being conducted by George Soros progressive thinktanks to drum up support). Yes, Obamacare is the law of the land. But we are paying for it, so God forbid someone steps in to formulate a better plan to implement it, a plan that doesn't involve it being shoved down our throats like Ron Jeremy's dick.

The main idea in play here is to further divide the country. Go for the emotional site closures. Block roads that technically shouldn't be blocked because they aren't technically federal property. Blame the pussy Republicans for the umpteenth time, just like they allowed themselves to be blamed for the sequester, the fiscal cliff, the prior debt ceiling debate, the current debt ceiling debate, and of course, the 2008 Financial Crisis. I left the party because the Republicans don't defend themselves and can't define 'rape' like normal people and can't tell an airhead morning tv host what magazines they read. They run large budget deficits for ill-conceived wars, do nothing on immigration, overspend on the military industrial complex, and refuse to keep the banksters in line. Now the firebrand upstarts like Cruz, Rubio, Paul, and Lee finally grow a backbone and the establishment pussies want nothing to do with it. Keep it up, I say. Piss off the old guard. Remember - this is the old guard that got their dicks kicked in by Obama twice. The old way ain't working. You suck, you must step aside. The Ted Cruz filibuster was aimed at setting up 2016 and splitting the Republican party into two factions - old guard blueblood RINOs destined to lose, and the new wave of electable libertarian-leaning, non-blueblood winners who actually give a shit about the American people. You know what side I'm on.

So what's going to happen? Who wins? Who loses?

The Democrats - Short Term Win, Long Term Loss
Every indication is that Obamacare will make costs go through the roof. We are already seeing large increases in monthly payments, premiums, doctors threatening to leave the industry, actual death panels, dropped coverage, and more 'surprises'. It's called unintended consequences. Government's specialty. But the media belongs to the Democrats (except for Fox News and Talk Radio, but even then the odds are still stacked against conservatives, ratings notwithstanding). Dems can get away with saying the Republicans want the government to shut down. They can blame it on the GOP all they want, and the sheeple will believe it. Regardless of who wants to negotiate, regardless of intent. Remember, back in January during the fiscal cliff crisis, the Democrats got a shitload of additional taxes passed on the American people. Here's the truth - Obama cut payroll taxes in 2010 (which resulted in savings of about $26 per paycheck as a result of the 'Making Work Pay' initiative - not enough to move the dial in my household, but much appreciated). Once that expired in January, my payroll taxes shot up to the point where they completely ERASED the temporary cut and became an $80 per paycheck INCREASE. We were lied to, and now the middle class is bearing a large burden of our deficit spending. To get back to my point - those fiscal cliff concessions by the Republicans were a strategy aimed at gaining leverage during the debt ceiling crisis. Well here we are, Obama said he would consider cuts as a result of his January fiscal cliff victory, and VOILA, the Muslim Brotherhood operative LIED again. As I've said before, when Dems promise compromise now with spending cuts later, they NEVER follow through. And here we are. But when the chaos hits in January 2014, and Obamacare is brought to bear on the struggling, drug-infused US economy, silly Americans will start to become hip to the game. They'll realize after the fact that they were indeed fleeced and their paychecks will continue to be raped. Whatever, you assholes voted for it.

The Republicans - Short Term Loss, Long Term Win
As I said above, the GOP will be blamed by the lamestream media (per usual), and they will do nothing to defend themselves. They will allow the Dems to dictate their policy, play the emotional card, trot out kids with cancer and say 'Hey look - you want this kid to have cancer because you allowed the government to be shut down.' Like the child would have been immediately cured had the government NOT shut down (but that's neither here nor there). But again - Republicans offered to fund NIH, and Harry Reid clearly said no. But the brainless sheep don't hear that part. They operate in five second sound bytes, because they can't be bothered. What will ultimately happen is we go down to the wire, October 13th-16th, barely eek out a deal and we all trumpet the success of both parties in 'working together'. Remember when Obama claimed he would unite everybody? Complete opposite. But who's reporting that? Anyway, we get some type of budget deal (when was the last time the democrat leaning senate passed a fucking budget anyway? This shit is unprecedented). Has ANY budget been passed under Obama? Of course not! No wonder we are well on our way to third world status. Budget passes, delays to individual mandate, medical devices taxes dropped, but Obamacare funded. Life is good.

THEN..............S&P fucking DOWNGRADES us. Again. China and Russia dump US Treasuries. Quantitative Easing starts to taper in October/November. Bernanke escapes and his replacement is caught holding the bag of monkey shit. Bond yields shoot up to 4%, and suddenly 40% of all tax revenue goes to paying interest on the ever-increasing debt. That's how I see this debacle playing out. All roads lead to a dollar collapse, the question is HOW. Could be government shutdown leading to a default, could be relaunching the case for an attack on Syria, could be another fiscal crisis, could be an epic cyberattack that former DHS head Janet Napolitano warned us about. Something is coming down the road, so be ready for anything and everything. The world changed for a few of us this week - no paycheck means anger, anxiety and feelings of desperation. Imagine that on a wider scale as this shutdown drones on? It will eventually make its way to all of us, not just those immediately impacted. Shutdown is good for nobody except those in power, because it's all about optics. Which party can make the other party look worse. Crisis Politics, with really shitty actors that we re-elect at a rate of over 90%. This is the America we've chosen for ourselves, I sincerely hope you're proud!