Thursday, October 31, 2013

Obamacare Endgame: Intentionally Crash, Usher In Single-Payer Socialist System

Mad props to the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox!!!! Unlike the Yankees, when we suffer a terrorist attack, we actually go and win the championship and not choke to an expansion team and let our city down. Ok that was harsh.

We're four weeks into the bloody abortion that is Obamacare, you know, the horrible Affordable Care Act that no Republican voted for but liberals will still try to blame on them? Yeah, that one. The one that will most likely require 10-16 million Americans to lose their healthcare even though they were told they could keep it? Yeah, that one. The one that INCREASES the premiums, deductibles and monthly payments, despite the fact that we were told it would decrease $2500 for the average family? Yeah, that one. The one that is going to drive 60% of doctors from the profession? Yeah, that one. The one that we, the taxpayer, spent $600 million on to set up the website that has had numerous glitches? Yeah, that one. This is an unmitigated disaster. It's actually WORSE than all of the cautionary rhetoric coming from the much-maligned Tea Party Republicans (or as I call them, 'liberty loving Americans with testicles') warned about at townhalls four years ago.

 I'd love to recap all of the numerous Obamacare rollout problems but you've probably heard about them already. The middle-class are particularly screwed over as they are the largest segment of productive people who will be hurt the most by 500% healthcare increases. Again, we were told there wouldn't be increases, that in fact it would slow the rate of healthcare cost growth. In fact, for many Americans, healthcare costs would go DOWN. Those with a brain and a healthy level of cynicism knew this was pure bullshit. Let's not forget - the 2012 election was a gut check for America. While we never directly voted on Obamacare, our choices of Congress members and President was an indirect thumbs up on moving the progressive agenda forward. Re-elect Obama, and we get Obamacare in all its glory. Don't re-elect Obama and we put the brakes on it and perhaps repeal it. We made our decision and need to live with the consequences. I will not tolerate complaints from people who voted for Obama and are now bitching about Obamacare. You knew what you were getting. All low-information voters can eat shit for all I care. I hope their healthcare costs go through the roof and it cripples their ability to live a normal life without getting a second job. I hope they can't afford to travel anymore and need to stay in on Saturday nights eating Pizza Hut/drinking their own urine to save money. I hope they successfully enroll through (who's dick do you have to suck to get THAT kind of preferred access?) and your information gets hacked by NSA and identity thieves. You were warned and you still voted the way you did because you are a gullible buffoon. Not that things would have been drastically different under Romney, but at least the painful healthcare impacts would have been postponed indefinitely. Whatever, water under the bridge. 

The purpose of this post is to reinforce the point that Obamacare will be allowed to fail. They knew it was going to be a shitshow with the American sheeple. The website glitches probably came as a surprise, but everything else is going as planned. Give the people a turd sandwich, force competitors off the playing field and then have the public demand a 'single-payer system' run by the government. Socialist goal accomplished. It's called the Hegelian Dialectic - 'Problem. Reaction. Solution.' You want to push an agenda? Create a problem, government saves the day, people demand government solution, government grabs more power. Mass 'Stockholm Syndrome' as we embrace our captors. Because we are stupid sweaty dopes who care more about the finalists on X-Factor than how to fix the economy and get the right candidates in office. The rest of the world is laughing at us as we wallow in our self-indulgent, indebted lifestyles. 

Problem - "We need universal, nationalized healthcare for American citizens. 30 million previously not covered people will now be covered if we push this legislation."
Reaction - We pass Affordable Care Act in 2010. The magical '30 million' number becomes 15m. Then 10m. Then 7m. Nervousness creeps in. Democrats get their dicks kicked in during the 2010 midterms. 
Solution - Obama gets re-elected. Ted Cruz filibuster (predictably) fails. Obamacare enrollments open October 1st. Government shuts down. Website crashes and can't accommodate the web traffic. Enrollment is 1% of what was expected. Program needs at least 7 million people enrolled to be financially viable. Projections are around 1 million people by Q1 2014. People begin to ask for an alternative. Single-payer, government controlled healthcare gains traction. 

See how this shit works? The government WANTS Obamacare in its current form to fail. The GOP dangled the prospect of delaying the individual mandate. The Dems said no. Ironically, they've just granted a six week 'delay' for those having trouble accessing the website. You can't make this shit up. The website flat-out CRASHED last Sunday. It CRASHED during HHS Secretary Kathy Sebelius' testimony. Now, let's be honest - eventually the website will work. Not smoothly, but it will work. Enrollments will ramp up (maybe?). But the impacts have already been felt. Americans are more cash-strapped, the economy continues to limp along at 1.5-2% phony growth, and our debt ceiling problems were basically punted out three months. Federal Reserve will taper their QE purchases any month now (despite the recent news that they will still print $85b a month), instantly crashing the stock market bubble. Food stamps go down by an average of $57 a month for families in need effective November 1st. Oh well. We're five years into the recession, I'm sure it will get better one of these days. 

Ok, so what is single-payer, and why is it bad? Simply put - it's one administrator of healthcare payments. They collect healthcare fees and allocate healthcare payments. Gone are the thousands of health care organizations and billing agencies ('private sector jobs'), replaced by government-controlled health care administrators ('public sector jobs funded by the taxpayer'). It will slow the rate of healthcare cost inflation. Comprehensive coverage for all. Doctor compensation would change little. We will get a simplified model run by the government. Of course they are telling the truth. What could go wrong? Plenty. 

Obamacare is the Trojan Horse to a single-payer healthcare system (you know, the failed European model for healthcare?). Slowly frighten people into thinking they will lose their employer-sponsored healthcare. Costs become prohibitive for corporations due to fees, regulations and increasing costs of administering healthcare. Companies then drop healthcare coverage. Scared citizens run into the open arms of government. Mission accomplished. The government will trumpet the wonders of it all like a Foxwoods commercial, but it will ultimately result in more abuses and wasted taxpayer money. Remember, these are the same assholes that run the DMV.

First things first, since the government will be the single-payer, people will take advantage of the process and overuse it. Why should they care? They aren't paying for it, someone else is! So forget about 'savings in administrative costs' - that goes out the window with a single-payer that people abuse! It's human nature to overuse something that you don't have to pay for. Also, we will inevitably ration this undersupplied healthcare the way they do in Canada and UK. Talented doctors exit the profession since it means less compensation to offset their years and years of medical school loan payments. Quality of care decreases. Government elbows its way into your private affairs and starts making decisions usually reserved between you and your doctor. As mentioned above, private healthcare agencies go out of business because they can't meet Obamacare guidelines, which puts people out of private sector jobs and they presumably land on their feet as a....taxpayer funded public servant for government-run healthcare. This means higher expenses for ACA and ultimately a higher budget deficit each year due to the program's expansion. But again, why should we worry? The government didn't make things worse by expanding its involvement in Medicare and Medicaid, right? Those costs didn't skyrocket, right? Am I missing something here? Furthermore, you can expect longer wait times and, in the case of England and Canada, 20% of all patients complain of having trouble accessing care. Get this - UK, Canada, and Sweden are now looking to REVERSE decades of public healthcare in favor of private health care. We have more preventive care here and five year cancer survival rates are higher in the US. You want to mess with that?

Remember when Republicans were compared to Nazis and Bush to Hitler? Shoe on other foot.
And how does it make you feel that you will be funding the healthcare costs for people that don't take care of themselves and eat healthy? How do you feel about competition being wiped out and the government being the only game in town for 1/6th of the economy? How do you feel about the head of the IRS being in charge of Obamacare oversight? How do you feel submitting information into a system that is wildly unsecure and prone to internet hackers? Remember, Obamacare has paid 'navigators' to help you through the process. In light of all the NSA scandals this year, do you really feel confident that your medical records are secure? To sum it up - Obamacare is designed to fail in favor of a 'save the day' single-payer system that globalists have wanted all along. All of our information goes into a central government healthcare database and it's game over. Then they push legislation to link a gun registry to the central government healthcare database. Then they link all of your debts to the central government healthcare database. Do you see where this is going? This is what you voted for America. I hope you're happy. Single-payer healthcare by 2016, maybe earlier. Game, set, match.

Thanks for reading. I need a stiff drink......


  1. First off stop giving the government so much credit. You hypothesis assumes way to much planning and way too much execution for it to be viable. This government is so inept that any plan beyond lunch is a ridiculous concept. Secondly your one sided view of single payer is woefully one sided and lightly researched which is unusual for you, and I mean that as a compliment. Single payer is very successful in many countries. Many other countries have lower costs and better care with a single payer. The issue is that single payer requires taxes vs. Premiums and most Americans can barely spell economics and finance they have no skill set to do an educated comparison ams make a sound decision.

    1. Me? One sided? No way!!! Haha solid feedback, points well taken. I see single-payer as the end game, good or bad. I lean to bad because government always takes things too far, so if it works well in other countries, we will somehow screw it up and make it this overarching leviathon devoid of any thoughtful oversight. As always, time will tell. Glad you're still reading though Sean!