Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cold War II: Ukraine and the Proxy War with Russia (Or "What The Lamestream Media Isn't Reporting")

The news has been ablaze with Ukraine coverage over the past two weeks, and my fellow slovenly Americans have had to actually put down their iPhones for two minutes and look up Ukraine on a map. Just kidding, they have the MapApp so they luckily don't need to surgically detach the device. Phew.

We are witnessing the latest chapter in the long fall that is the petrodollar's imminent demise. If you think the US is a conscientious objector, you are dead wrong, and you should probably consider getting your news from somewhere OUTSIDE of the mainstream media (and that includes Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, NYT, WashPost, WSJ and countless other news media - PS - if you are calculating in your head, 82% of those networks/publications just listed are liberal leaning, so in my book the news media is still biased). They operate in five second sound bytes - alternative media doesn't. So let me break it down for you.

What's Happening Now?

First and foremost, I'm not supporting anything the West (US/Europe) does with Ukraine, nor am I actually supporting anything Russia is doing with Ukraine. But you need to hear something other than "Putin is being a mean bully and Obama is a pussy." Cause that's what the US media is pushing. You see, the US wants Ukraine to fall into anarchy, only to have the IMF and NATO pick up the pieces, bail them out, and suck them into the vacuum that is the European Union. Doing so keeps Russia isolated, unable to expand it's natural gas empire as fast as they would have liked. The 21st century has quickly evolved away from military-driven warfare to covert, bankrolled proxy wars where local dissidents are paid off to cause trouble (see Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria to name a few, and now Ukraine). Did you know that the US has spent $5 billion over the past twenty years pushing for Ukraine to detach itself from Russia and conduct itself like a wannabe EU-eligible country? Don't believe me? Jerk off to this, Kool-Aid-drinking faux patriot:

Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland let it slip that we have been pushing for a new Ukrainian government for four years, ever since pro-Russia leaning Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych (democratically elected) took power. He's always maintained close ties to Moscow, so by default he is a thorn in the side to the West. Like any other country, Ukraine eventually fell on hard times and needed a bailout. The past two parties in power in the Ukraine were wildly corrupt and have somehow lost billions of dollars and run the country into the ground (sounds like the US). The citizens wanted the EU to bail them out, which would be a condition-laden package pulled together by the IMF that would basically culiminate in abandoning their sovereignty and local currency (the hryvnia) by folding themselves in with the European Union (an insolvent leviathan that has spawned the PIIGS nations of Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain, among 10+ others, fraught with high unemployment, negative growth, civil unrest, technical default, and downward-spiraling standards of living). President Yanukovych basically saw this and said "yeahhh.....we're gonna go ahead and just ask for a no strings attached $15 billion loan from Russia." This did not sit well with the country, and here we are. Unfortunately, peaceful protesters were killed and injured. That part sucks, I wish it never happened. However, it is on record that billionaire globalist rabble-rouser George Soros has thrown millions of dollars to central European activist NGO's to destabilize governments that his ilk don't like.

The darker the berry, the sweeter the.....Eastern GDP. 

Combined with the more subtle US/Western involvement in destabilizing the region, it now becomes clear that Ukraine is basically Egypt all over again. Cause that worked out well (fund protests and civil unrest, put Muslim Brotherhood in power, only to watch it get kicked out after a year despite Obama's unending support). Same shit in Libya (overthrow Gaddafi, replace with Al Qaeda, funnel weaponry through Benghazi 'consulate'/safehouse in order to arm the rebels in Syria). And then we had Syria - where a false flag chemical weapons attack by rebels was intentionally blamed on President Assad as a means to launch a war. We got to the one yard line before.....Vladimir Putin saved the day and negotiated the surrender of Syrian CW's, averting war in the process. Reiterating how much Obama is a giggle-inducing lightweight on the global stage. Remember, our Nobel Peace Prize-winning President was gung-fucking-ho about attacking Syria. Then UK buckled, then Saudi Arabia buckled. Why? Russia, that's why. Not because they necessarily fear their rusty and atrophied military, but because Russia has all of the natural gas in the world at its disposal, and Ukraine and Syria are huge, strategic pipeline conduits. Gazprom is the largest energy agency in the world. See the below graphic, courtesy of

Russia officially needs to be handled with kid gloves, kind like that quirky-but-wealthy benefactor that you need to constantly pacify to keep the gravy training rolling. If Putin shuts off the energy switch, eastern Europe freezes to death. Can't let that happen, can we? So what results is a huge battle for the future of Ukraine. The European Union/the West want Ukraine in its corner to stop Russia dead in its expansionist tracks. Putin desperately wants Ukraine so he can keep the energy revenues coming in (estimates show that the loss of Ukraine pipelines would reduce overall Russian GDP by 25%!!! That's worth fighting to protect!!!)

What's Happening Next?

Contrary to some reports, this will NOT morph into World War III. We are bound to protect Ukraine's democratic sovereignty as a result of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, and can do so militarily.

I doubt this will happen, since Ukraine is not worth setting off nukes over. Plus, as mentioned earlier, Obama is a pussy. He'd rather attack his own citizens than another country's. Especially if they're conservative or libertarian. As we found out this weekend, Russian troops have overrun Crimea, the pro-Russia southern peninsula of Ukraine, AT THE REQUEST OF ITS PRIME MINISTER. Now to be fair, Sergey Aksyonov had just been installed, but this was not some out of the blue event. Crimea predominantly identifies as pro-Russian, as does most of the eastern half of Ukraine. The Chernobylized, negative growth, insolvent, bail-out needing unproductive half of Ukraine is - you guessed it - the protesting, pro-EU western side!!!! So basically, Russia is sending troops to maintain stability in one of its supportive areas. Kinda like if Greenland invades Canada. We would protect Canada, because they are our friends. But this brands Putin as a 'really mean bully jerk' by the Western media, while bumbling Obama and Biden struggle to look tough (their only foreign policy success was ordering Seal Team 6 to pump bullets into Bin Laden, but then this turned into a security failure, as 20+ Seal Team 6 members were systematically taken out over the next 24 months like they were living a fucking Nelson DeMille novel - subject of another post once a few more die under mysterious circumstances). Here's the divide linguistically, and why it makes perfect sense that Putin would be protecting the pro-Russia half of Ukraine:

Watch the Russian troop response expand across the eastern half of the country for stability purposes, but then stop without stirring the pot further. This is merely a show of Russian strength, and the ultimate solution will be to unfortunately split the country in half - the West goes to the Europian Union, and the East goes to Russia. Case closed. No need to fight a war over it. Also, knowing our propensity for false flags and instigations, expect our friend Prince Bandar Bin-Sultan (head of Saudi Intelligence) to rear his ugly head and 'activate' various terrorists groups in the region to destabilize Russia and make them look ripe for the pickens, and 'unable' to accommodate a Ukraine secession - at the very least, Crimea will fall to Russia and so will control of the ports along the Black Sea. Putin is being portrayed as the bully, but in the end he will be the victim. Again, not taking sides here, I just think it's important to establish context outside of the narrative that our 'homer' mainstream media likes to pump out.

Big picture - as I've said before - the petrodollar scheme is winding down. Forty years ago, Nixon's Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (high level globalist/Illuminati scum) arranged for the US dollar to be the main means of settlement for all oil transactions. It led to our growth as the #1 world economic power, and it will ultimately be our undoing when Russia expands their energy footprint and revenue-generating pipelines, entering into energy settlements in currencies outside of the US dollar with countries like China, India, and other parts of Europe. Saddam tried an alternative means of settlement, and he lost. Gaddafi tried an alternative means of settlement, and he lost. Chavez tried to circumvent the dollar/US and died of cancer (you know the kind that doesn't respond to any chemo treatments, then infects the lungs, then gives you heart attacks when you are otherwise healthy - 'CIA Cancer'). Iran wants to work around the dollar, and has had its nuclear program cut out from underneath them. Assad wanted to help Russia expand its energy pipelines in Syria - and was promptly accused of using chemical weapons on his own citizens, bringing us to within five minutes of World War III. The below picture tells you everything you need to know about false flags and international actors. This is John and Theresa Heinz Kerry dining with eeeeevil Bashar Al-Assad and his wife in 2009:

Are you getting the picture folks? The American people and global community will fall for anything and everything as long as the storyline is drummed home (WMD's in Iraq, war on terror, protests over youtube videos, 'if you like it you can keep it', 'there is no real estate bubble', 'we have no domestic drone program', 'Bear Stearns and Lehman Bros are solvent', etc). We need to isolate Russia and do whatever necessary to keep them at bay. That keeps our fraudulent economy alive and our toilet paper currency the fiat monetary note of record. Obama is no different than Bush and Clinton. They have different means to an end but still the same outcome - destabilization and strife in other countries to make us look like the cleanest dirty shirt in the hamper. It's worked so far, and it's working in Ukraine. PS - how's that Russian Reset Button working out for you, Barack Obama? Consider yourself informed. Until next time.......


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