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Who REALLY Runs The World? (No, It's Not The USSA) - Part I (Early Origins)

One quick item about a 'cross-promotional' message I wanted to convey. My blog is starting to get off the ground (in my book at least). It's approaching 3,000 views (which is 2900 more than I EVER thought it would receive), with unique readership even outside of Facebook where most of the word of mouth travels. Reason I say this is that my buddy Ben and I are cross-promoting my blog and his podcast for maximum viewership/readership (so instead of 3 readers/listeners, we will maximize and pool our efforts to ensure FIVE people read/listen). He is one half of the Devil's Advocates (with his buddy Josh) and their site is advertised on the top right of my blog. Check it out, as they have weekly podcasts that are actually quite humerous. Link below in case you are a buffoon and can't locate 'the top right of my blog'.

They landed a freaking PORN STAR on their show for Tuesday, August 20th who also happens to write for The Daily Beast (Aurora Snow), and they have over 800 followers on Facebook. Marital vows prevent me from viewing her work, but word on the street is that she's well-groomed and into face-sitting. Oh, and the show is wildly offensive, but the website is great too. Ben was one of my roommates in college and a good friend - he is an artist (heterosexual though, so as rare as a 'black republican' and/or unicorn), musician (I've listened to his stuff, quite talented. I recall making him play WWE entrance themes on guitar on the Quad at Fairfield University. He put out an album ten years ago and now has his music on iTunes. Check it out). The last episode talked about one of God's greatest inventions - the human vagina. Worth listening to.

But let's move on to more diabolical issues. Like who runs the world. Hint - it's not Barack Hussein Soetero Obama. It's not the Bush family (ok maybe that's partially true). It's not the Clintons. It's not David Cameron. It's not Angela Merkiel, nor is it Vladimir Putin or the various Middle Eastern monarchies. The real movers on planet earth exist behind the scenes, drawn from centuries of family wealth, daft political maneuvering, and an unprecedented patience that their worldview will be eventually achieved. This post gives you the Cliff's Notes version (and may be a little lengthy - deal with it if you want to be informed).


I. The Freemasons

The earliest form of 'secret society knowledge dates back to three thousand years ago, in the form of King Solomon's Temple from about 832 BC. Those that constructed the temple were adept stonemasons building with the sole purpose of honoring Yahweh, but also to purportedly house the Ark of the Covenant. The Tabernacle of the 'Holy of Holies' (inner sanctum of temple) is where the indwelt divine presence of God resides (known as the 'Shekinah'). King Solomon and his leaders built the temple in accordance with the constellations and followed strict protocol to align the blueprint with the nighttime patterns of the day. In so doing, a secret brotherhood came about, in which those 'exposed to the Shekinah presence' came upon knowledge of human origins, which would be passed down from generation to generation. The temple was destroyed in about 422 BC, but the secrets lived on through the Freemasons throughout the centuries. Freemasons exist to this day, and their notorious 33 degree rankings still persist. You see them in just about every town and their logo is infamous:

Their membership is based on the belief in a higher power - the 'Grand Architect of the Universe.' They don't believe in a Christian God, a Jewish God, or a Muslim God. Strictly spiritual and non-religious.  Freemasons exist in the highest eschelons of corporations, international banks, central banks, and government. High level stuff here, and I'm not going to get into the history of the Freemasons, because it will bore you to death and distract from my main premise of building awareness for the current globalist power structure. Maybe some other post when I'm out of relevant topics to discuss. But basic context has been established. Read up on former 33 degree Freemason Manly Hall who has revealed some of their secrets in his multiple, critically-acclaimed works. Interesting and scary stuff. They've infiltrated EVERYTHING it seems, and the lower ranking members don't know shit about what they have signed on for. That's by design. But again, that's for another day.

Prove it, asshole. Ok fine. Here's a (partial) list of past and present Freemasons. The true list is longer than the Affordable Care Act.

- Benjamin Franklin
- George Washington
- Winston Churchill
- Teddy Roosevelt and FDR
- Most US Presidents
- Steve Wosniak
- Henry Ford
- Walt Disney
- Basically every Founding Father
- Basically every inner circle CIA/FBI/government director
- Not on this list are Ronald Reagan and JFK, the last two Presidents to have bullets shot in their direction.

A basic list below:

Some basic spelunking the internet (where everything is true, duhhh) will fill you in on the rest. But they are everywhere.

II. The Vatican

As a Roman Catholic I have no problem with the way the Catholic Church is treated as the religious whipping-boy institution. I ain't changing branches of Christianity, but based on their checkered, secretive and downright deplorable past (in some situations), they deserve the criticism they get, and I'm not going to...'bear their cross' and carry their water. I do take umbrage at the undeserved anger regarding what is included in the New Testament of the Bible. A good researcher likes to triage their information with second and third sources. The Council of Nicea tried to do that, and if books of the Bible were written a century after the more popular works, yet contradicted the earlier texts, they were rightfully excluded for inclusion. This of course got people thinking, 'What are you people hiding? Jesus had kids and never got crucified! Mary Magdalene was his wife and they lived in France but traveled to India'. All bullshit. It's like if 100 years after Julius Caesar, someone came out with an unvalidated story about him having a secret lovechild and never really getting stabbed to death by Brutus, but that he really traveled the fjords of Iceland and died a natural death. You'd rightfully say 'hey that doesn't really jive with the fully vetted prior history books, let's exclude this from our write-up.' So those issues with the Catholic Church need to be let go. However, the looming presence of the Vatican over the past two millenia is cause for concern. I believe they have been infiltrated by the Freemasons and play an inappropriate role in today's affairs. Here's why.

The Catholic Church has accumulated hundreds of tons of gold over the past fifteen centuries, merged religion and government together numerous times during the past fifteen hundred years, conducted a religious Crusade in the middle ages in conjunction with the Freemasons but ultimately turning on the sub-sect known as the Knights Templar, and routinely find themselves on the wrong side of history (see World War II, rise of Hitler). The main driver behind this is the fact that the Freemasons infiltrated the Vatican decades ago in the form of the near-militant group, Opus Dei (chronicled in 'DaVinci Code', albeit unfairly), as well as the Jesuit order, which is the crazy drunk uncle of the Catholic family (I can say that since I went to a Jesuit college. Still like them though, even if they are a bunch of globalists). It was started by Ignatius Loyola in 1540, through the approval of then Pope Pius III. There is a prevailing thought that the 'white pope' (the traditional Catholic pope chosen through a conclave) takes orders from the 'black pope' (the Jesuit general - ie leader of the Jesuit order. These guys are rumored to have written the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion', which formed the basis of Hitler's motivation and quest for power. There are upwards of 80 Jesuit 'provincials' across the world that form 'agitations to advance a political agenda. They have a ton of political sway, and roll up to the Vatican the way the Tea Party rolls up to the Republican Party. Their ultimate goal is complete infiltration of the Vatican in the form of a Jesuit Pope and the rebuilding of King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.

Prove it, asshole. That's easy. In March 2013, their dream came true. Jorge Maria Bergoglio, also known as Pope Francis I, became the first JESUIT Pope. I've already written a post on the Prophecy of St. Malachi and how Pope Francis is the much-anticipated 'Petrus Romanus' ('Peter The Roman', the 112th and final Pope according to the 12th century prophet). He will lead the Catholic Church during the Tribulation. Not sure how he will turn out, but he already has an Obama-esque following within the Church, and is being looked at to lead the transition to a progressive, all-inclusive Catholic worldview that seeks to break down barriers with other religions and lifestyles. He could also embrace alien disclosure at this point. Stay tuned to see how this plays out, since he's been turning heads already, and it's only been five months!
Rumors also persist that JFK was taken out for two primary reasons - opposition to a proposed Vietnam war, and the CIA. Vietnam was on the globalist and Jesuit agenda - they had millions of Buddhists who were deemed 'inconvertible' and their needed to be a Catholic presence in that section of the world. Despite being a Catholic, JFK was fundamentally against secret societies and foreign adventures. See infamous speech below (he was taken out shortly thereafter):

Finally, if you blinked you may have missed the pontificate of Pope John Paul I, the predecessor to Pope John Paul II. He lasted a whole of 33 days (Masonic code). The higher levels of the Vatican/Jesuits took him out because he was investigating the ongoing fraud at the Vatican bank. Banker Roberto Calvi was found hanging under a bridge with Freemason artifacts in his pockets to send a message. John Paul I died under mysterious circumstances in the immediate aftermath of his request for an investigation. Is this sketchy enough? This is the same Vatican that 'relocates' pedophile priests. Folks, pedophilic sex rings are of the devil and linked to Luciferian rituals. Same with the Penn State scandal. High levels of wealthy, affluent individuals with political clout are running these prostitution rings. The Vatican is never going to change, and if a Pope wants it to change, they get killed. Let me know when you want me to stop.

III. The Illuminati

Many have heard of the infamous 'Illuminati' or the movement behind the New World Order for one world government, one world currency, one world religion warned of in the Bible. While the 'Illuminati' existed three hundred years ago, they don't ostensibly go by the name 'Illuminati' anymore, they simply are the hidden rulers outside of the public view. You aren't going to read about them in your history books. You aren't going to talk about them in your history class. But like an unseen breeze, their presence is felt and truly exists. The official 'Illuminati' were formed in May of 1776 (hmmmm veddy intewesting year) by Jesuit-trained Adam Weishaupt as a modern adaptation of Freemasonry. From wikipedia - "The Illuminati's members took a vow of secrecy and pledged obedience to their superiors. Members were divided into three main classes, each with several degrees, and many Illuminati chapters drew membership from existing Masonic lodges.The goals of the organization included trying to eliminate superstition, prejudice, and the Roman Catholic Church's domination over government, philosophy, and science; trying to reduce oppressive state abuses of power, and trying to support the education and treatment of women as intellectual equals."

In the year 2013, as mentioned earlier, the Illuminati don't need to consolidate under the umbrella in order to be recognized as a legitimate force in the New World Order scheme. They own every form of media, energy, telecommunications, lobbyist group, and more. They pull the strings for the highest branches of government, including the CIA, FBI, and Federal Reserve. They drive the global agenda. They planned 9/11. They plan the world wars and finance both sides. They rooted for the Allies, but they also rooted for the Nazis. They care not for the well-being of the global population, but rather to preserve their status for generations and engage in any form of mass manipulation and population control. They plan the breakdown of society, the dissolution of the family, the public trashing of any belief in a higher power, the collective brainwashing of citizens through zombie mobile devices, trashy Hollywood celebrities, subliminal music and movies, and reality TV shows that add no value to society. So they don't ostensibly call themselves 'the Illuminati' but they exist.

Prove it, asshole. Ok. The consolidation of media and banking institutions over the past 30 years has left power in the hands of relatively few corporations. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Bank of America are the big banking games in town. Disney, TimeWarner, Viacom, News Corp control the news media. Apple, Google and Microsoft control technology. Henry Kissinger (former Secretary of State under Nixon) continues to advise behind the scenes to each living president. Former Carter NSA head Zbigniew Brzezinski continues to advise behind the scenes to each living president. Billionaire George Soros, who made his billions crashing national currencies, throws hundreds of millions of dollars to advance secular, progressive causes aimed at fundamentally changing society. Full disclosure - I voted for George W. Bush twice. Just so you know, the Bush family is knee-deep in Skull & Bones and other secret societies, and were groomed early on in the game to become top politicians. Prescott Bush was a Nazi apologist and donor to the Nazi party who helped his globalist friends fund the rise of Hitler.

IV. The Royal Families

The non-corporation/government powerbrokers have come from generations of financial royalty. We all know the Rockefeller family, who made their billions (trillions really) through Standard Oil. They were pre-dated by the Rothschilds, the Austrian family who, under Mayer Amschel Rothschild, gained prominance and notoriety through the basic establishment of international finance and banking. They are estimated to be worth half a quadrillion dollars. They are joined by the Morgan family (descendents of JP Morgan, famous banker who helped set up the Federal Reserve from a Jekyll Island meeting over 100 years ago). The Warburg banking family of the 19th century (Paul Warburg was the architect of the Federal Reserve scheme). The Carnegie family of Carnegie Steel fame. The Royal Family (the Queen of England and her spawn are worth an estimated $500 billion.

They fund universities, they fund educational programs, they fund wars, they fund media campaigns to influence public opinion, they own the Federal Reserve, they own and run the military industrial complex, they benefit financially during wars, they lose money during peace, they crash currencies, they hoard hundreds of tons of gold, they don't pay significant taxes, they don't go to jail, they know about events before they happen because they probably planned them. These are the people behind the scenes who rule the world. But that's just the first part. In my second piece, I will go through the current structures and global front groups that will take us to World War III.

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