Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Syria Is The Gateway Drug To World War III

Well, as predicted and written about ad-nauseum, we are finally on the doorstep of war in Syria. [thousands of jowly Americans race to a map to locate this 'Syria' place they speak of]. Here's what I wrote back in January:

"Syrian chemical weapons WILL be used in 2013. Reports are starting to trickle out that victims are showing signs of poisonous gas in their lungs. No matter who deploys these weapons, it will be blamed on Assad’s government. We continue to fund these rebels (‘Al Qaeda’), and yes, these are the WMD’s that were moved from Iraq in 2002 before the war. Obama will use Syrian chemical weapons usage as a pretext to invade Syria."

Not a pat on the back, but merely tip of the hat to the Alternative Media websites exposing these attacks. Don't follow CNN MSNBC ABC NBC CBS NYT WashPost NPR, but don't completely trust Fox News and conservative talk radio either. They don't 'get it'. They are paid shills for the two party system of losers with 11% approval ratings and the Democrat/Republican paradigm of never making our country better. To anyone that disagrees, fine - go trust the government that never does shit for you and lies everytime its lips move. Then put your head back in the sand.

Last week's chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians last week has already been linked to the US-supported rebels. UN Weapons Inspectors were in various parts of Syria 48 hours ahead of the attack. Pretttttty sure the Assad government wouldn't be dumb enough to set these things off right under their noses. The rebels were losing the battle and needed a boost from the US, so, like good muslim savages, they kill innocent people and point fingers to someone else. Kinda like US foreign policy since 2001. We have been waiting for a 'trigger event' for 30 months (100k dead), and FINALLY got one last week. This means we can go ahead and invade Syria, just like we invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and, through well-funded uprisings, Egypt. Destroy Syria, then move on to Iran. If this were Mortal Kombat, Syria would be Goro, and Iran is Shang Tsung.  

It's also part of the public record that Benghazi was a gun-running operation and that we are arming Al Qaeda in Libya/Syria. Not gonna beat that dead horse. If you can't open your mind and read up on those stories, you are a stupid American and deserve to be thrown in a FEMA camp. Warning - it'll be crowded there. So tonight's post (24-48 hours before the initial missile strike) will deal with the carnage in the Middle East and the impacts here at home. Enjoy.

Initial Attack on Syrian Weapons Depots - Late August/Early September 2013

Obama shakes the sand out of his vagina and lobs a few missiles into Syrian territory, targeted and surgical strikes that are aimed at facilities rumored to be housing chemical weapons. Assad administration has been abundantly clear that they have used no chemical weapons (yes, they could also be lying). Obama will sidestep Congressional approval (this will be an act of war, but the rules don't apply to this guy because he's cool, black, and talks pretty). FYI - this is a proxy war against Iran, Russia, and China. They don't like us, Russia and China have the gold, and they have a trump card in their back pocket called a return to the gold standard. They bide their time like Edmund Dantes, serving up their cold dish of revenge on Danglars in 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. Russia never died the cold death we thought they did. And China is just as patient. They have hoarded gold for the past fifteen years and waited for the right time to strike at America. An attack on Syria will do just that. Allow me to explain.

An attack on Syria will forestall any expansion of Russian natural energy plans to the rest of Europe. Russia already equals Saudi Arabia in terms of production. We stop them dead in their tracks and install an anti-commerce Muslim Brotherhood replacement in Syria (cause it worked so fucking well in Egypt). Assad, a key ally to Russia, will be removed and they will lose out on billions of oil/natural gas revenues. Now, I'm not a 'war for oil' guy (never have been), but this is how Russia will perceive the proxy war with Syria. They have a HUGE vested interest in how this plays out. They have armed the Syrian government accordingly, and right behind Russia stands the 200 million man army of China. East of China is North Korea. They are salivating at the idea of the United States poking a cage full of rabid dogs. Then there's Iran and their nuclear ambitions. They've already funneled terrorists into the Gaza Strip, Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They have a new President ready to make a splash. They have a hard-on for America's demise.

So What Does An Attack On Syria Lead To?

Four US warships are in the Mediterranean Sea ready to launch their missile strikes. Obama will pull a Bill Clinton, launch a limp-wristed air attack and turn around to leave. Except Syria will take the blow and fight back, likely hitting Israel (90% chance), or neighboring peaceful Jordan (40% chance). It'll start as border skirmishes and bombings, and gradually move inland to Tel Aviv and Amman. Israel has just announced it will fight Syria back. Remember Isiaiah 17:1:

“See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins." What if a dirty nuke bomb goes off here? These rebels are pretty wily people. These are the same people eating the hearts of the Syrian army, pushing people off buildings, and executing teenagers to send a message.

Iran has promised carnage if we attack Syria. They also hate Israel. Russia will continue to arm Syria, but now Iran is involved. Our military is stretched thin and Obama being the peacenik he is has made sure he's cut down our weapon arsenal. Regional conflict ensues, the flaccid United Nations steps in to halt the chaos and gets summarily ignored because they're about as effective as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. So glad we spend $1 billion in annual dues to these needledicks. This will be worse than Iraq and Afghanistan because no other countries would come to their aid ten years ago. Unfortunately, Russia and China have quietly built up their gravitas and are a hell of a lot stronger than they used to be. Who cares if Russia is in disarray? So are we! We still have the best military in the world, and Russia and China know this. They can't beat us with power and might, so they will resort to another method - economic warfare.

 Your Way Of Life Will Change In The Coming Months

September/October are typically the months of economic collapses. Our treasury yield is up from 1.7% six months ago to about 2.8% today (and thats AFTER hitting 2.9% last week). Its now costing us more to service our debt. Demand for the dollar as the reserve currency is dwindling rapidly. Japan is in an Economic Fukushima right now, and their economy has gone radioactivvvvve radioactivvvvvve. Guess who our biggest investor behind the Federal Reserve is? China. Guess who has tens of thousands of tons of gold? China and Russia. Guess who has the Bank of International Settlements ready to no longer accept the petrodollar as the only oil currency? China and Russia. One false move and we are toast. We're gonna make that move in Syria, and it's going to cost us dearly.

It's bad enough that the Fed has us addicted to QE like its monetary crack. They will be announcing in mid-September the gradual tapering of QE from $85b a month to about $70b, with a complete stoppage in June 2014. As I've written, each taper rumor sends the markets reeling. You thought 2008 was bad? This is going to be worse. Countries usually launch wars to rejuvenate their economies. This is no different. Except our economy is on life support. And just when we thought we were turning the corner, winning the war in Syria, China and Russia will announce that they are no longer doing business with the United States. China liquidates $1 trillion of treasuries, the yield on the 10-Year T-bond goes past 3.5%....then to 4%, then to 5% and beyond. This wasn't a big deal when our debt was smaller ten years ago, but at $17 trillion, each uptick is like a kick in the balls. As the US markets go into a tailspin, the Euro crisis rears its ugly head and enters a deeper depression. Germany says FU to its neighbors' outstretched hands for bailout money, and Deutsche Bank goes belly-up, Lehman Bros style. New crisis begins in Europe/USA, while we are also involved in a regional war in the Middle East.

Don't forget about the spike in oil. We were 'bailed out' last time by an economic crisis, which brought a barrel of oil as high as $144. This time we won't be so lucky, because every missile that gets shot at Syria gooses up the price of oil. You will be paying $5/gallon pretty soon after the war expands. But look on the bright side - gold and silver have regained much from the Springtime/early Summer smackdown. They are a flight to safety and will exponentially increase in value as the dollar gets sodomized by the BRICSA nations.
Outgoing Department of Homeland Security director Janet Napolitano has said she fears a massive cyber attack very soon. Which explains the 1.6 billion bullets, tanks, Humvees, arming of various government agencies with ammo, the bullet shortage, the general gun grab that is trying to be forced on the American sheeple, and the multitude of Russian/Chinese soldiers already here (100,000+) who will gladly take over when national unrest begins when the market melts down and the EBT cards stop working. Cities first then residential areas. Think Red Dawn scenario. America's police force are patriots first, so don't expect then to go along with this. Numerous reports across the nation detail a gradual federalization of police forces, and people in the know are rightfully nervous.

So that's the storyline. Hope to hell I'm wrong. Will gladly take shit from people if none of these scenarios play out. As I said before, great year for the tinfoil-hat crowd. Bring it.

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