Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tinfoil Hat Alert - Martial Law Is Coming!!!

Tough loss last night for my fellow Bruins fans. They exceeded expectations, have a great nucleus and will be exciting for the next 3-5 years so tip your hat to the Blackhawks and marvel at how far these guys have come since their epic chokejob in 2010. Two cup appearances with two different goalies, one championship. That bodes well in my book. Go Sawx.

Not gonna lie - this is one of the more important blog posts that I'm going to write. I've been following financial markets, bible prophecy, and geopolitical events since the mid 1990's and I have NEVER seen things as wild as they are right now. Our global economy is teetering by a thread. Our financial system is one Federal Reserve announcement from complete meltdown. The Dow Jones index is down over 700 since the Ben Bernanke speech last week, Treasury yields are shooting up and CHINA has just hit a brick wall made out of shitty earnings and lower than expected growth. Uh oh. The Shangai composite (equivalent of Dow) is down 16% in the last two weeks ALONE. The stars are beginning to align with regards to a global crash. But I've already talked about that ad nauseum. It's going to happen eventually (I think within two years, most likely sooner), and it will be more horrific than the 2008 crisis and will SURPASS the Great Depression when it occurs. One thing that hasn't been discussed by many of the talking heads and doom and gloomers is what widespread panic will look like and how it will come about. Hopefully this post sheds some light on it.

Martial Law (as defined by Wikipedia) is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis. Constitution becomes suspended, as do basic civil rights and habeas corpus (release from unlawful detention). It's been used throughout the world pretty frequently over the last 100 years, and even here in the United States recently (under different names and scenarios) - Boston suburbs after the Marathon Bombing, Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy, and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. New reports emerging from Boston detail actual gun confiscations in Watertown, MA. The same happened in New Orleans but on a wider scale, with scores of confiscations in and around the Superdome that was housing the homeless. We see it in movies, far-fetched conspiracy theories, and video games, but what conceivable scenarios exist that could trigger this nationally and what has the government done to prepare for its inevitability?

Three different scenarios emerge that could easily take us to a total police state - a cyberattack, a nuclear attack, or an economic collapse.

Scenario #1 - Cyberattack From Hell (Or China)
A lot has been said lately of the increasing frequency of high level cyber security breaches by both amateur and professional hackers (Anonymous, Wikileaks 'hactivists'). But few are talking about the fact that many sovereign countries are engaging in hacking on behalf of their governments. The United States and China are actively cyberattacking each other in a large game of chess, but instead of outrage from the average dopey American with pitstains and halitosis, our media treats it like an April Fools Day joke, complete with a flimsy wave of the finger. Russia, Iran, North Korea are also involved in frequent cyberattacks that threaten the entire electronic banking system of the United States. Can't access your bank account online? Probably related to a thwarted cyberattack. Most of these come in the form of DoS (denial of service, duhhhh) attacks, but can also be used to larger infrastructure like the electric grid and nuclear facilities. The US and Israel engaged in a 2010 joint cyberattack on Iran's nuke sites under the now infamous Stuxnet computer worm virus. Communications were jammed and their program was set back months. Earlier this week, as the Chinese stock market crashed, all of their major banks had severe shutdowns and transactions were put on hold. Rumor has it these cyberattacks originated in the US as retaliation for China harboring NSA informant Edward Snowden. Time will tell if these turn out to be true.

Hey baby...wanna cyber?
One thing is for sure - while we have a crack staff of uber-dorks working around the clock to prevent international (and domestic) hack-attacks, eventually 'the big one' is going to get through and wipe out.....the entire banking system. You'll wake up and your bank account will simply be zero. The money will be gone. No one knows where it went or how to get it back. Multiply that by 150 million and America will be instantly paralyzed. Panic will ensue, grocery stores will be flooded with cash only patrons and those who live exclusively off of plastic will be in a world of hurt. Government will have to ration food because most people will be in the same boat - instantaneous wipeout of money leaves everybody cash poor, so riots will probably result, gas stations will quickly run out of supply, and chaos will grip every street corner. If we keep up with these games of cyber one-upsmanship with China, Russia, NK, and Iran, we will eventually lose. Do you really want to piss these people off?

Likelihood - 70%

Scenario #2 - Nuclear Attack
Let's face it - a nuke will eventually go off in the United States. Don't sit there and tell me it will never happen, because I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you. You've heard it all before - sleeper cells, dirty bombs, angry Islamists, angry Tim McVeigh types - someone will detonate one of these in a city, sparking instant panic and the need to restore order. Local government shuts down transportation, occupies every street, shoves a gun in your face for trying to go out and buy baby formula.....so basically a beefed up version of the Boston Marathon Bombing aftermath. Remember the 'USA' chants two months ago when a city and its surrounding towns were SHUT DOWN to catch a terrorist? You don't think the Department of Homeland Security was taking notes and saying to each other "These shitheads will go down easily. No sweat."

We'll get into the government response in a few, but this scenario is very likely.

Likelihood - 55%

Scenario #3 - Economic Collapse
I've talked about this so many times in my blog that it's pretty obvious I think this is the most likely scenario. We are dangerously close to watching the US dollar die a painful death in front of our very eyes. We are $16.8 trillion in debt, scores of people unemployed, 50 million on food stamps, no hope from either party of turning the ship around and the spectre of Obamacare looming over us in six short months. The Federal Reserve has created over $2 trillion dollars out of thin air since 2009. Nothing has worked, other than a pretend stock market boom, more Americans taking second jobs, and an anemic housing recovery that doesn't even bring us above water from the 2009 lows. The scenario I see playing out is a bond market crash, followed by a stock market crash, followed by flash crashes in the Dow Index, followed by panic sells, exploding precious metals, and then........China decides to liquidate it's $1 trillion of US Treasuries and dump it on the market. Global demand for the dollar disappears, and even The Fed can't stop the bleeding. Hyperinflation occurs almost instantaneously, and the cost of basic food items increases 50% overnight.

Watch any number of these horrific scenarios online and try to develop an understanding about how serious this is. Obama will be like a deer in headlights. You think he gives a shit about gender wars, black unemployment, and the definition of rape with this going on? He will be in a hideout in Denver, CO when the shit hits the fan on a Friday afternoon, miles away from any civil unrest that may occur. Do you think he'll have the answers on what to do? I sure as hell don't. Remember Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson threatening Congress/the American public with martial law if we didn't sign off on the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) in 2008 to bail out all banks and companies that made stupid derivatives bets? Remember all of those bankers that went to jail? Me neither. These people will be long gone when the shit hits the fan. I think an event could be on the horizon, given the fact that the Cyprus 'bail-ins' went better than expected (ie - no pushback) and the China/Japan/Eurozone/US bond markets appear to be dangerously close to a collapse with skyrocketing yields (interest payments). Things are about to get scary very soon. Be careful this 4th of July.

Likelihood - 100%

So what is the government doing to prepare for this kind of stuff happening? Well, I've already talked about the 2 billion hollow point bullets that were first denied, then admitted to, then the response was that this was done to achieve savings through bulk purchases, then finally it was blamed on a clerical error within the Department of Homeland Security. This amount of bullets pays for 35 years of Iraq/Afghanistan wars. They are obviously being hoarded for some reason. 3,000 new Humvees have been purchased for the DHS in the past few years. Google some clips of aerial views of military bases in Florida and the west coast and look at the miles and miles of Humvees lined up and ready to be deployed. 'They' are planning for something. Remember Obama talking about domestic civilian military forces during his 2008 campaign? Looks like his wet dream is coming true. Numerous reports have come across discussing hoardes of Russian United Nations troops in the Rockies, North Carolina, and Midwest regions in intense training. India, Pakistan, China and other countries have admitted to having soldiers over here undergoing urban/civilian military training. Over 40 US cities have been performing frequent urban warfare training exercises since 2005, with bio/nuclear attack scenarios being staged. FEMA camps have been set up across the company that group the various regions of the US into zones. Look this shit up. Detention/Re-education camps are on record as existing through FEMA/our military. You can get the PDF of the document if you want.

Before you pooh-pooh this, remember - this is the same government that lied to you about Obamacare, 9/11, Iraq, NSA, IRS, EPA, Fast & Furious, Solyndra, Benghazi, Pearl Harbor, and Watergate. Why would you believe them now? Read these blog posts with an open mind. You don't have to believe everything I say, but please use some discernment when developing an opinion. These past two months have been victory after victory for the 'tin foil hat' crowd. Suddenly we aren't so effin' crazy. Keep that in mind next time you pass judgment on the Alex Jones crowd.

God bless you all and pray for this country.

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