Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cloward-Piven Strategy Deployed On The Border

The United States border continues to buckle under the weight of Central American illegals (we say 'illegals' around here, not 'undocumented' or 'unaccompanied'). Tens of thousands continue to flood the border each month in hopes of getting through - news got out south of the border that 'now is the time to cross' due to recently relaxed immigrant-friendly policies, along with the perception that if border jumpers say they have family here, they can be granted temporary status with the *promise* to check in within 30 days for re-evaluation. Cause honor system always works here. Combine that with drug cartels chasing these families north to the border and you can see why this is such a chaotic state of affairs. Let me establish some context, because the mainstream networks are doing a great job of confusing everybody and covering up 'their guy's' tracks.

Many in the media will be quick to point to the oft-talked about William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 signed under George Bush that basically granted asylum to any child believed to be victim of assorted types of trafficking. Now Bush did nothing substantial to defend the border in his eight years in office (which disgusts me), but this law is HARDLY the reason why in 2014 we would see a spike from an 6,800/year average from 2004-2011 to 100,000+ this year and an incremental climb of 25-50% in subsequent years. That's a problem we can't blame on George Bush. Sorry Obamabots. Liberals are obviously using a form of Common Core math to equate 6,800=150,000=Bush! This is all manufactured to play on people's emotions. Check out the links below - they knew this was coming, and DHS even advertised jobs based on November 2013 reports of the influx:

Anyway, as mentioned in a prior post, this is all aimed at achieving the Hegelian Dialectic of 'Problem- Reaction-Solution'. Flood the border with unaccompanied minors (80% are males in their late teens, it's not like a bunch of pudgy legged toddlers in saturated diapers are waddling up from Guatemala). Relocate illegals across the United States against the will of the citizens. Have the mainstream non-Fox media in your back pocket to sell the idea that it's 'all about the children'. Guilt law-abiding Christians into adopting these children, and question their religious faith if they don't automatically agree to adopt them. Infuriate the general public so that 'something needs to be done.' Whip out pen and phone and sign an executive order to grant official amnesty to millions of illegals. Game. Set. Match. Democrats win general elections for life, the country collapses, and government replaces rugged individualism and capitalism with socialism. This is what's going to happen. But it's not the brainchild of Barack Hussein Obama - it's the liberal wet dream of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

Husband and wife political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven (never trust someone who insists on being called three names) gained notoriety in the 1960's by developing a diabolical plan from their Columbia ivory towers. The strategy was straightforward - eradicate poverty in the United States by agitating activists within the Democrat party to come out in force through demonization of the middle class and ethnic working class. Pitch the idea of mass redistribution of wealth. Combine with Alinsky tactics of dividing voting blocs into targets, personalizing them and ridiculing them to the point where no sympathy can be garnered for said bloc. This also involved bloating the welfare system to the point that it became unsustainable for taxpayers to maintain without broad and far reaching reform. Basically enable the poor and destitute to rise up and crash the system with their new demands since it will be a public relations nightmare to do otherwise. Success would mean bringing in the right administration to 'do the right thing' and usher in a national system that guaranteed a salary for EVERYBODY, thus wiping out poverty forever. In the process, Democrats would lead this mission, and through their victory guarantee loads and loads of new voters. Because if there's one thing liberals like, it's free stuff that they don't have to pay for!

So how has Cloward-Piven worked over the past five years? Pretty damn well. Those on some type of government dependence have surpassed 100 million. Food stamp usage approaches 50 million. The left continues to demonize the rich, choke out the middle class through tax hikes, cripple the heavily indebted youth demographic with an unfair burden of healthcare premiums despite the fact that they face lower quality/lower paying jobs. Manufacturing ain't coming back, people (thanks NAFTA, CAFTA, and granting most favored nation status to China). Jobs lost pre-2008 crisis have been replenished with either 1) lower wage jobs or 2) more folks taking on a second job. That's not what you're being told. We have an unemployment rate of 6.1% (good), but yet have the lowest workforce participation rate in 40 years (62.8%, not good). The debt remains unserviceable, the country politically/morally/economically bankrupt, and now we are poised to witness the signing of an executive order around Labor Day (ironically) that fundamentally transforms this nation forever (didn't I hear that line on the campaign trail?).

The final stage of the Cloward-Piven strategy will play out as follows - Obama will sign legislation that in essence grants instant amnesty (was previously de-facto amnesty, so shame on the failed Left-Right paradigm that 'has our best interests'). 11-20 million illegals then become citizens. Trespassing will become legal, so feel free to exploit this wherever you go. "But what about the children?" The border will become a joke (ok, more of a joke) or dissolve completely. Wages will be driven down, legal citizens here will get mad, have more competition for jobs now. "But what about the children?" Since we refuse to do what Australia does with its immigrants (ie - admit people based on what they can do for the country), expect more menial/manual labor jobs, swelling of government welfare rolls, civil unrest, 'calls for sweeping change', and even phony impeachment calls (just recently voted down by Wussy Speaker of the House, John Boehner). Impeachment inquiries build compassion for the victim and allow the base to coalesce around him (so Obama benefits by taunting GOP with this - he WANTS them to push for impeachment, its the only shot the Dems have of keeping the Senate in November). The resulting civil unrest will cause more extreme legislation to grant some type of comprehensive welfare reform that accommodates these illegals. Taxes go up, middle class decimated, we all know the rich get richer (whether D or R in the White House), poor but legal citizens get poorer, and the Big G that we used to know as God (since thrown out of America for being too offensive), now becomes Government. Mission Accomplished.

Stay tuned for Labor Day......

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