Monday, November 3, 2014

Why We Shouldn't Get Excited About The GOP Tidal Wave On Election Day 2014

Here we are, 24 hours away from another mid-term election and if this were the World Series, the police on horses would be lined up in anticipation of a GOP blowout victory. Years ago, I'd normally be a sore winner, taunting, rubbing in, bragging about how much more wonderful life would be under Republican leadership. Then I woke up.

Hate to deliver some perspective here, but the GOP winning back the Senate and maintaining the House will not lead to anything of substance. I'll be thrilled to see that sack of monkey shit Harry Reid lose his job as Senate Majority Leader. But we can expect more of the same from the Republican Establishment. Mitch 'The Turtle' McConnell will be Senate Majority Leader (yawn). John 'Blubbering Vagina' Boehner will keep his job (undeserved as he's a scoundrel sissy). Lindsey Graham, leader of the lisping warhawk wing of the party, will get re-elected in South Carolina. The same Establishment wusses who survived their Tea Party/Libertarian primary competitors will beat their Democrat counterparts. And I'm supposed to be excited for these bozos? What are they going to do to make our lives better? NOTHING. Let's break down 25 years of the Two Party Pendulum:

2001-2006 - Republicans own the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives. 9/11, Patriots Act, DHS and TSA launched, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Recession, snail-like recovery, eventual full employment. Wiretapping. Nothing to write home about. Debt increases significantly.
2006-2010 - Democrats win back the House, the Senate, and win the White House in 2008 when a junior senator/community organizer from Chicago who used to snort coke and give blowjobs to old elite men in crime-riddled Chicago ('Down Low Club' within Jeremiah Wright's Trinity Church of Christ) wins the Presidency. Global Economic Crisis. Bailouts. Iraq and Afghanistan wars drag on. Zero % Interest Rate Policy. More bailouts. Obamacare passed. Debt increases significantly.
2010-2016 - Democrats keep the White House. Lose the Senate and the House. US credit downgrade Fiscal Cliff theatrics. Sequester theatrics. Government shutdown. Benghazi. Fast & Furious. NSA spying. Wiretapping. IRS scandal. Solyndra scandal. VA scandal. Obamacare atrocity. Quantitative Easing. Zero % Interest Rate Policy continued. ISIS created/funded/trained by CIA and Western allies. US-initiated Ukraine debacle. Obama signs official amnesty in Nov/Dec 2014. Ebola. Stock market on steroids. QE3 ends and QE4 rumored. Epic market crash between Dec 2014 and Oct 2015. Hillary Clinton wins Presidency. Debt increases significantly.
2016-2024 - Republicans squander House, keep Senate. Middle East spirals out of control, ISIS flourishes, US/Mexico border gradually melts into an amorphous North America. Hillary Clinton gets re-elected. US gets downgraded twice. US dollar falls. Resurgent Yuan/Ruble gold-backed BRICS currency becomes new official reserve currency of record. Debt increases significantly.

Do you see the trend here? A hot potato gets passed between two parties who average a 10-14% approval rating, yet get re-elected 90% of the time by schizophrenic voters who insist on the status quo. We get what we deserve. It was over 9/11/2001, but reiterated 11/6/2012. We basically have Stage 4 cancer but act like we just got told to lose five pounds. There's $1.5 quadrillion of derivatives on the market right now. $200 trillion plus of unfunded liabilities. $18 trillion debt right now. So much momentum and inertia is behind that figure that no matter WHO wins the White House, Senate, House we are STILL going to incur $750 billion -$1 trillion of incremental deficit a year (don't pay attention to politicians saying the deficit has been cut in half. They quote the highest annual deficit and then use an unconfirmed estimate on the lower end, which always gets revised upward by 25%). But you didn't know that, because.....'war on women' and 'RAAAACISSSTTT!!!'

Both parties got us here - Democrats with chronic bleeding heart syndrome and 67% of the mandatory budget spend on entitlements, with the other 33% of mandatory budget spend going to Republican-sponsored military industrial complex that shoots anyone that may smell remotely like camel semen. You know, links Saddam to 9/11, refuses to attack the source of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers in Saudi Arabia, let ISIS run roughshod over the Middle East, expanded drone programs, 2 billion + of hollow point bullets, etc etc. The normal numbers I spout on this blog. So THOSE are the neocons that will inherit Congress and push the GOP agenda. Remember John McStain taking selfies with Free Syrian Army rebels who ultimately joined ISIS? And the old coot couldn't put two and two together? That's our neocon leadership in action! Can't wait!

Here's a quick rundown of how the Republicans will use their newly won Senate majority and reigning House leadership to 'change Capitol Hill':

Immigration Reform - Remember what the GOP did with immigration from 2001-2006 when it had total control of the WH and Congress? Jack shit. Now Bathhouse Barry is going to amnesty 10-34 million illegal aliens and turn them into Democrats (cards already printed, look it up). What will the GOP Establishment do to block it? Nothing. Cause they can't. They need the cheap labor under the table and barely registering on payrolls too. They'll do the Paul Ryan approach of making it as painful as possible to gain citizenship here (good, fine so far). Maybe throw in some incentives to sweeten the deal of playing by the rules (we'll give you a pass on the whole initial trespassing part). Marco Rubio did this by sticking his little toes into the debate and almost gotten them bitten off. Expect nothing except capitulation.

Bear in mind the two lowest years for Obama either haven't happened yet or will be revised upward

Budget Discipline - The debt exploded under Bush due to the combined defense spending and sizable tax cuts. You do one or the other, but not both. Entitlements increased a good deal (albeit not at the accelerated rate that Obama increased them). Homeland Security was launched, as were thousands of federal subsidy programs. All told, the debt shot up about 50% in the Bush years, which were mostly dominated by Republican Congress. Why would NOW be any different because they are back in power?

Foreign Policy - Republicans get the bad rap as warmongers. Though Obama bombing seven different countries in his first six years, fomenting unrest in Ukraine, Middle East, and Libya has to count for something. They sold us on WMD's in Iraq, used 9/11 to give us a blank check to attack any country we wanted, push boots on the ground at will, insist on regime change, overuse the word 'liberty' and 'freedom'. McCain and Graham, the warhawks of the party, wanted Syrian war badly. They wanted Iraq war badly. They want Putin pushed back along the Russia/Ukraine border. The neocons want boots in every country to export American Democracy on uneducated, rock throwing, goat molesting Middle Eastern theocracies. Democrats are just more slick about it, and instead of boots on the ground they pay unsavory rebels to cause chaos so that public opinion is easily manipulated. Do we think the Republicans will suddenly show an isolationist streak?

Growing The Economy  - 2001 through 2006 featured 'ehhhh' growth, 5-6% unemployment, slow stock market rises, the Real Estate Bubble, The Stock Market Bubble Part I, The Derivatives Bubble Part I, and the Bailout Bubble. Republicans allow themselves to be blamed for 2008, but weren't vocal enough five years earlier when signs of a bubble in these asset classes were evident. A few wise members of the GOP cautioned the need to curb sub-prime lending, insisting on tougher regulations to buying a house, more documentation, cutting down on 'liar loans', and not giving Fannie/Freddie cart blanche to loan to any slob they wanted to. Investment Banks were allowed to continue investing in derivatives even though like seven people on earth could accurately price them. Nobody of substance was prosecuted for the near collapse, other than Bernie Madoff, black sheep of the hedge fund industry. Republicans took their eye off the ball, kept their mouths shut, embraced the 'steady as she goes' mentality, never fought back, never pushed innovation, never pushed domestic pipelines other than ANWR, didn't revamp the tax system, didn't foster innovation for the small business owner, didn't give significant tax breaks to John Q. Entrepreneur, looked the other way while corporations exploited loophole after loophole. Stuff went bust, Republicans were stuck holding the bag, allowing the Democrats to simply point fingers and save the day. The Obama administration has been living off of QE, ZIRP, and a dead cat bounce on GDP growth for six years. Workforce participation is at a 40 year low. "Oh but the unemployment rate is 5.9% and I operate in five second sound bytes so can't peel the onion back for context." Would a GOP landslide tomorrow night suddenly cause growth in the economy, better workforce participation, spurn job creation and innovation? Hells no. They didn't do it last time they had power, and haven't really been effective since the Reagan Recovery of the 1980's. Don't hold your breath children.

These are but a few issues that show no significant solutions and differences. As has oft been stated, the Democrats are the party of BAD ideas, the Republicans are the party of NO ideas. Both suck, Republicans are the lesser of two evils, so if you have to vote, hold your nose and press R. Or do what I will be doing and vote for either the libertarian candidate or write in names like Joren Van der Sloot, Zombie Robin Williams and Thomas Eric Duncan. Get some wine, candy, and chips. Sit back and enjoy another useless midterm where one party pretends to claim things can only get better only to watch things get worse. As if that's possible.

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